Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Diet

Diet for High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

A lot of people are suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Actually anyone can battle this deadly disease. The best thing to do is follow strict diet and good exercise routine. It is best if you can understand about blood pressure. Cholesterol is one of the main causes of this condition.

High blood pressure is something which is not liked by anyone but unfortunately more than 60% of Americans have high blood pressure complaints. There are a number of artificial as well as natural remedies for high blood pressure. A healthy diet is the most important thing to control and even cure your high blood pressure. Cholesterol is considered as a poison for high blood pressure as it not only establishes high blood pressure but also aggravates it. To learn how cholesterol affects the high blood pressure, you should learn what makes up a blood pressure system.

Understanding High Blood Pressure

The blood pressure is simply the pressure with which the heart pumps the blood to whole of the body via arteries. These arteries can have cholesterol deposits due to huge consumption of cholesterol by the patient. As the artery get cholesterol deposits, the cross sectional area of the artery become very low. Consequently, the heart has to pump the blood with a ‘high’ pressure to transmit it to all the parts of the body – resulting in high blood pressure.

Healthy Diet

Simple and healthy eating can control and cure your high blood pressure. Fatty acids and foods which are rich in cholesterol must be thrown away from your refrigerator. Fatty acids and cholesterol foods are not only dangerous for high blood pressure but have also negative effects on rest of your body. You should go for green leafy foods which do not require cholesterol or fatty acids to get prepared.

High Blood Pressure Diet

Salt intake should be limited by your body as salt is considered as a poison for your overall cardiovascular system. Consumption of alcohol should also be lowered down to control high blood pressure. Smoking should be completely given up as it does not only harm your blood pressure but can also ruin up whole of your health and even life.

Vegetables, green leafy foods and herbs should be consumed enormously in the case of high blood pressure. Carrot juice as well as juices of other vegetables should be consumed in a greater rate. It is scientifically proved that vegetables help improve your high blood pressure. It is considered as the best natural way to cure your high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure can give Rise to other Diseases as well

Since your cardiovascular system is connected to each and every part of your body, high blood pressure can result in damaging other organs as well. Mostly affected areas are kidneys and lungs. Strokes and other diseases can also be easily adopted by a high blood pressure patient. Therefore, you should detect high blood pressure in its initial stages to have the best possible cure.

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