Cholesterol and Pregnancy

Treating High Cholesterol During Pregnancy

Treating high cholesterol during pregnancy is an important step in order to keep the unborn child healthy and safe. Cholesterol and pregnancy both needs proper care and attention. You should make it a point to exercise regularly followed by a healthy diet plan. So eating right and healthy food is very much important for you.

During pregnancy it is quite essential that you take care of your health more than in the normal times. This is so as to ensure the health of your own self and your baby. If you suffer from high cholesterol then you need to take care of yourself all the more.

Consult a Nutritionist for Proper Diet

The best thing will be to treat cholesterol level with the help of diet and exercise during pregnancy. This will also ensure that there are no side effects and your baby is also safe and sound. You need to consult a nutritionist who specialises in treating pregnant women. He is the best person to make sure understand what you need to eat and what you need to refrain from eating. His advice will help you in giving yourself the best foods to eat. Along with that you also have to introduce more of fibre in your diet this means eating more and more of fruits, vegetables, since the pregnant women requires more of fibre rich diet. You also need to take certain amount of fats in your diet, for the healthy development of your baby.

Risks of Cholesterol in Pregnant Women

It is really very essential that the pregnant women avoid getting high on cholesterol; this is to prevent from developing serious medical complications such as preeclampsia. But a low cholesterol diet is one of the best ways to avoid any pregnancy related complications. Apart from the diet regular exercise is a must to keep yourself fit, if you have been taking alcohol it is high time that you stop it so as your unborn baby do not suffer from it. Smoking too needs to be restricted.

It is important to drink lots of water almost throughout the day, along with that avoid coffee, tea and other beverages in order to keep your triglycerides low during pregnancy. This will go a long way in keeping the cholesterol level down during pregnancy.

Keeping a check on cholesterol level during pregnancy will also help to avoid the development of arteriosclerosis in the children. You should always remember that a high cholesterol level is bad not just for you but also your unborn child is equally at the risk of developing various diseases owing to this. Pregnant women need to stay as active as possible during their pregnancy. This too is important in lowering the cholesterol level. But on the whole make it sure that you are in constant touch with your nutritionist and follow his advices.

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