Clothes to Wear During Pregnancy

What to Wear During Pregnancy

What to wear during pregnancy can be a tough job especially if it is your first pregnancy. Your entire wardrobe is changed since what you normally wear no longer fits you. So clothes to wear during pregnancy have to be chosen with utmost care keeping in view both comfort and style.

Comfort is the basic priority when you have to choose what to wear during pregnancy. In fact it is the time for your entire wardrobe to undergo a change including your clothes, shoes and other hosieries. Once pregnant you feel warmer than in the normal times primarily because few parts of your body may have swelling owing to the increase of blood circulation, so be cautious with whatever you buy.

Clothes for Pregnant Women

You have to choose from a wide variety of dresses. There is no need to buy costly dresses when you are pregnant. But the basic wardrobe has to be indeed brought. This may include maternity jeans and top, cotton leggings. You can also buy a few maternity dresses for events like a friend’s party or wedding ceremony. But try to avoid synthetic fabrics, rather go for cotton fabrics which make you comfortable as well as keep you cool.

If you are a working lady, then you need to buy a few business casual clothes like leggings with a beautiful top, cotton skirt or top. The choice is yours. You can simply go out for shopping and just look at the vast maternity dresses options available.

Plenty of maternity tops are available in the market. Simply designed wrap tops are the most perfect for you. There are a few maternity tops available which can very well expand as your bump expands with your pregnancy months. Go for trousers- leggings, jogging bottoms and elasticised maternity trousers are a must buy. Most of these have great built in panels that can be adjusted as you grow.

Shoes to Buy

You have to be cautious while buying shoes for pregnancy. They need to be a bit bigger in size than your normal wear shoes, go for flat shoes with a good arch, which are easy to slip on. Don’t buy fancy or high heel shoes as you may get dis-balanced after wearing them. Try to go for mules, loafers, sneakers and clogs which can go well with any of your dresses. There are many flat ballet style bumps which may serve as a great alternative.

Choosing the Right Hosiery

You need to buy a good bra when you are pregnant. Since your breasts become bigger you need to provide them with a good support or else they’ll sag. You need to choose socks which are light fitted. Go for cotton socks instead of synthetic ones.

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