Cold Flu in Pregnancy

Treating Cold Flu in Pregnancy

Cold flu in pregnancy is a common problem suffered by most of the pregnant women since their immunity is less. It is essential to treat cold flu in pregnancy so that you along with your baby do not suffer. Take into account your diet, eat lots of salads, green leafy vegetables, honey, garlic.

Pregnant women are likely to suffer from cold than the rest of the women since their immune system is weaker. Thus it is utmost essential that pregnant women take care of themselves in a much better way so as to prevent themselves from catching the cold flu.

In pregnancy you need to be extra careful, so never take any medicine for cold flu without consulting your doctor, as it may affect the health of your unborn child. Not all the antibiotics are safe to be taken during pregnancy, so you need to know which medicine you may take since it is not just your own health rather the health of the baby which too holds importance to you by all means.

Care you need to take During Pregnancy

You should also be careful with regard to your diet, since eating a well balanced diet can go a long way in preventing cold flu. Try to keep yourself clean, wash your hands frequently, avoid coming in contact with someone who is having a cold. It is high time that you quit smoking.

You need to take extra rest than you did before you turned pregnant. You also need to drink lots and lots of fluid so that you never remain dehydrated. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet in this way your immune system will remain stronger.

When you Catch Cold flu in Pregnancy

In case you catch cold during pregnancy the best thing is to drink luke warm water with honey and lemon- this will provide relief to your neck and throat. Go for steam inhalation or saline nasal sprays to get relief from congestion.
Even if you are opting for some herbal remedy for getting rid of cold flu it is best to have a talk with the medical practitioner. He is the best person to inform you whether it is fine to take the herbal remedy or not since pregnancy related issues may differ from women to women.

You should also make it a routine to eat at least six times a day with a break of two hours and not just eating three times a day, since appetite plays a lot of role in keeping cold flu away. Go for soft foods like soups, salads more than taking oily and spicy food.

Try to include more of honey, ginger, lemon in your normal routine as these are said to be very safe for pregnancy. Garlic too is safe and effective to be used as it is known to strengthen the immune system.  

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