Colon Cancer Biopsy

Colon Cancer Symptoms for Better Treatment

Being an inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer generally increases its intensity if left untreated. Specialized colon cancer biopsy process is recommended to find out the obscurities which occur in this chronic illness and its typical symptoms.

Colon cancer must be investigated minutely for proper diagnosis. Once symptoms are visible it is assumed that cancer has reached at the advanced stage. Doctors check the risk of such cancer through analyzing symptoms. Major symptoms of this cancer are change in bowel habit, diarrhea, constipation or having problem in emptying bowel etc. Red or dark blood in stool, narrow stools, gas pains, bloating, fullness, cramps, weight loss, fatigue and continuous vomiting are typical symptoms. Colon cancer biopsy ensures proper direction of treatment if cancer is confirmed.

Colorectal cancer is diagnosed through tests like physical examination and digital rectal test and is evaluated better through colon cancer biopsy.

The process of colon cancer biopsy doesn’t differ from biopsies. Removal of tissue cells and fluid from colon is done for testing in laboratories. Although this process remains somewhat similar to that of other biopsies slight variation is seen in the colon biopsy such as possibility of performing it while abdominal surgeries undergo. Known as polyp, colon cancer may start from benign to grow constant later on. There are various types of polyps.

Some polyps are highly suspicious and get measured on the basis of colour, texture and size. Safer options are chosen by performing individual colon biopsies on every polyp to keep patients at ease. Sampling and analysing is not specific to polyp only in the case of colon cancer. Suspicious elements are traced in this unique but highly effective screening process.

Biopsy Method: The focal point of this unique biopsy is performing test of innermost lining of colon named mucosa. Interestingly it is not sensitive to pains. Once laboratory analysis probes cancer doctors initiate the secondary process in which colon cancer staging is brought into forefront. Similar steps are followed in the biopsy of rectum as well.

The Test: Colon cancer biopsy is considered unique procedure to examine inner portion of colon. Use of colonoscope with flexible tube, lens and tiny camera makes this test advance. Video computer chip and fiber-optic technology are of great importance which makes it possible to transmit images to video screen where doctors analyze different symptoms.

After Effects: Easy-going after effects make colon cancer biopsy a common testing method. Patients feel a bit of discomfort besides some bleeding which don’t cause any unnecessary harm. There is possibility of infection or injury to the colon hence one must remain cautious. But as an excellent tool to diagnose cancer colon cancer biopsy estimates spreading cancer which makes it valuable and it surpasses other difficulties arising in the whole process.

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