Comfortable Shoes for Pregnant Women

Types of Shoes for Pregnant Women

Various types of shoes for pregnant women are available in the market. Pregnant women may have swollen feet, increased sweating, aching legs and many more problems associated with the feet, so comfortable shoes for pregnant women are a must, since it is not just the lady but even the baby’s weight which she has to carry along.

Pregnancy is a time when your body undergoes widespread changes because of the hormonal changes which you might go through. This includes your feet as well, which indubitably cannot be neglected at any cost. So you have to be very careful when it comes to choosing the right type of shoes for your feet. While buying shoes for yourself you should look at a few things like they should be as flat as possible, avoid high heel shoes, they should have a good arch support, they must be having enough space to let the air pass through them so that they don’t trap the moisture.

Choose Shoes According to Your Feet

Try to buy shoes without laces which you can wear easily without having to face the difficulty of sitting and tying the laces. Also take in to consideration that the shoes are quite wide since your feet might be swollen and thus will need more space than the normal times. Your feet might be a bit bigger than usual during pregnancy because of various factors like weight gain and retention of water in the body. So keep safety and comfort as your prime goals while buying the shoes. Don’t opt for fancy shoes since you are likely to lose your balance.

Types of Shoes Available

Loafers are a good choice for the pregnant women. They are available in flat and low heel with both casual and stylish looks, something which you can wear when you go out for shopping or work. Naturalizer ‘Cupid’, Trotters ‘Jess’, Naturalizer ‘Jonella’ are a few Loafers which you can definitely buy. When it comes to evening shoes for pregnant women then you can simply bank upon the Touch ups ‘Abby’, Dezario ‘Coin’. They are easy to wear and you can feel comfortable as well. Apart from loafers you can also try for mules, clogs or simply flip-flops which too look great on your feet. You can choose as per your wardrobe.

It is quite important that you yourself go to buy the shoes, since you can check them there only by wearing them. Also if you are choosing the shoes from the catalogue then also get them fitted properly in your feet by the shoe expert. But if you plan to buy the shoes online, look for them in the local market so that you can wear them before ordering.

You should at least have two pair of shoes for your pregnancy- one should be comfortable wearing shoes which goes well with whatever you wear and the other can be casual ones like a pair of sneakers. But if you live in hilly areas then buying non skid boots is a must.

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