Common mid Back Pain Causes and Treatments

Mid Back Pain Cause and Cure

There are many causes attributed to middle back pain. Obvious causes would be direct injuries and trauma. Many people though are not so sure of what actually causes the pain they feel most especially over the middle back area.

Aging is a known cause. As people age, bone problems start to come up and mid back pain is often a complaint.

Thatís why itís important to take calcium supplements. Hydration is important as well. Aging people should be more mindful of drinking lots of fluids on a daily basis.

Employees confined to daily desk jobs often suffer from mid back pain. Itís a normal occupational hazard. Poor posture may be the main cause as well as extended periods of sitting. They contribute to muscle and join stress, strains, and pains. If you fall into this line of work on a daily basis, make sure to take frequent breaks for stretching. Be mindful of your posture.

Misalignments may cause mid back pain. A misaligned lower back or lower neck will cause mid back pains. Problems with oneís diaphragm and ribs also cause mid back pain. Wrong and abrupt bending and twisting, pushing, pulling, and lifting are often causes of injury, strain, rib and mid back problems. With regards to problems with the diaphragm, breathing problems like shortness of breath and breathing difficulties are experienced. Poor posture causes more pain as well as coughing, further breathing, and talking.

Symptoms associated with mid back pain are sensitivity in the rib area, especially the rib cage, also breath shortness and difficulty. Chest pains felt when taking deep breaths or when coughing and sneezing are also symptoms of mid back pain. Limited torso movements are also symptoms.

Pain may be felt abruptly, and may be felt off and on. If neglected, pain may become a chronic problem. Also, the whole body may eventually suffer in stead of the mid back alone. Medications are helpful. Take analgesics for pain relief. Ice packs are also remedies. A visit to a chiropractor and a physical therapist may greatly help. Remember to treat pain and to treat the very cause of pain. Medications may give temporary relief so make sure to visit your doctor for proper treatment.

Lack or absence of regular body exercise is also a problem so maintain some form of regular exercise to help prevent mid back pains. Also, learn breathing exercises and techniques. This is important for your diaphragm, mind, and body relaxation. Learn to execute proper stretching exercises as well as back strengthening reps. Make sure to take enough rest. Do not force your mid back. Cease from stressful physical activities. Rest your back. Spend enough time resting in bed, propping pillows under your knees and head for support.

Massages and hot baths help reduce spasms and swellings. Maintain right posture at all times. If you have recently suffered back injuries you will need to modify your lifestyle and work habits. Itís important to reduce stress at work and at home. Limit physical exertion, especially during the first weeks of recovery.

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