Consequences of Teenage Drinking

The Other Side of Teenage Drinking

Teenagers start drinking as a matter of pleasure or just to prove themselves in front of their friends but do not realize the danger of awaiting consequences that can start with drinking at such a tender age. It is because a habit that is habituated in teenage roots itself firmly in the life of an individual.

On analyzing a survey on 40,000 U.S. adults reports stated that early drinking is the cause for increment in the risk for developing future alcohol dependency and also increases the chance of developing addiction at a very young age which ends in chronic diseases.

According to Ralph Hingson, director of the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism's division of epidemiology and prevention research,
"Not only are people who start to drink at a younger age more likely to develop lifelong alcohol dependence, but they are more likely to be injured, to be in motor vehicle crashes and to be in fights,".

There are many consequences of teenage drinking. Some of the immediate consequences of teenage drinking are motor vehicle accidents, physical injury, academic problems or unusual and risky sexual behaviors. But teenage drinking doesn't only show short-term consequences rather it involves the risk of many long-term consequences. Research proves that although heavy drinking is considered as a transient teenage pastime but most of the teenagers do not outgrow these unhealthy habits. This not only affects their physical state but also leaves serious mark on their mental condition. Not only underage drinkers put their life in danger but also have a great effect on their surrounding while there may be a role model for their younger ones. Addiction is perhaps the most dreadful consequence of previous drinking as 87% of teenage drinkers who start their drinking practice before the age of 21 are prone to be alcoholic for the lifetime. Teenagers fail to recognize the ill effects of alcohol. It is very sad and shocking that drinking is a major factor in the leading causes of teen death.

Parents can play a major role in motivating their teenage children to avoid drinking. Parents can find out if their children are unhappy and drug users simply by talking to them and trying to understand the root causes for the same .With the help of many health professionals and psychologists they can make them aware of the long-term risks associated with excessive drinking and mould them in a situation or bestow upon them a beautiful surrounding in which they would feel much more comfortable without drinking rather than enjoying themselves as teenage drinkers.

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