Controlling High Blood Pressure without Medication

How to Control your Blood Pressure without Medication

People can control blood pressure in a lot of ways. Some people would take medications but it is best to go the natural treatment. One is to lose weight. It is also best to avoid alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. You also need to engage in some exercises that can make your body move.

If you are one of unlucky persons who have got high blood pressure then you must start your journey to fight with it. There are a number of ways to fight with your high blood pressure. From using various antibiotics to having aerobic exercises, there is a long list of ‘things’ that you can do with your high blood pressure to control or cure it. You just need to be patient, determined and struggled in your job of fighting with high blood pressure.

Lose your Weight

Excess weight is one of the main reasons why youngsters get high blood pressure. It is due to the expanded size of the body for which the heart has to pump the blood. Obviously the heart has to increase the pressure to pump the blood to whole of the body. Therefore, a normal weight is a must for having an optimal blood pressure. There are a number of ways to lessen your weight. Again, you can go for antibiotics or go natural.

Healthy Diet & Exercise

Cholesterol free and fats free diet is a must to control high blood pressure. Omega 3 fish oil is considered as a blessing to control high blood pressure. You should go far away from fried foods. Instead you should only use cooked or baked foods which do not put ‘oil’ in your meals. Oil can increase the sodium content of your body and consequently can increase your blood pressure. At the same time, fried meals also have large amount of salts which are considered as poison for high blood pressure.

Not only healthy diet can control your high blood pressure, but a good set of exercising is also required on daily basis. A lot of aerobic exercises can be adopted in addition with walking, jogging, and laughing. Much of these physical exercises can be practiced without consulting any professional or doctor. But still you should be careful while going for any different type of physical exercise.

No Alcohol, No Smoking, No Caffeine

Though not very dramatically, but drinking and smoking can slowly aggravate your high blood pressure. Therefore, avoiding smoking and drinking is one of the most important and mostly employed ways to control your high blood pressure with medications. Caffeine, which is included in a number of tea products, should also be avoided as it slowly increases your blood pressure.

After having all of these methods employed, you should have a constant check on your progress. The progress can be learned from the lowered blood pressure points and lesser depression.

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