Correcting Astigmatism

How to Cure Astigmatism

The first and foremost task one should do in case of an astigmatism attack is consulting ophthalmologist to examine eyes. Astigmatism can be corrected properly when eye check-ups are made part of regular health routine. Eye check-ups are always necessary for safe health hence even children must be encouraged for eye check-up before they start their schooling.

Usually it has been seen that some children can’t follow their teachers because they are not able to see the blackboard properly. Perhaps this is the first indication of a vision problem astigmatism.

A person suffering from astigmatism must share his/her problem with ophthalmologist in detail so that doctors determine the type of correction to be used. Knowing the degree of astigmatism is crucial in the correcting process. Ensure that investigation is done timely. In case your doctor reveals astigmatism in routine check-up but you didn’t face any symptom there is no need to do correction at that particular juncture. Mere medicinal treatment can work. But if you had had blurred vision besides headaches or eyestrain you should immediately consult the doctor to correct your astigmatism because these symptoms are major that may worsen later.

Options For Correction: Specially deigned contact lenses can be used to correct astigmatism. Such contact lenses have many interesting features. Usually they rotate while eyes blink. It is necessary for these lenses to return to the original position after blinking in astigmatism correction process. Most often ophthalmologists brief the patients about the possible options to cure astigmatism. They also investigate whether this has happened due to scarring of cornea or something else is involved in it. Entire problem arises due to misshaped cornea.

Why there is so much of focus on the correction process? The problem of astigmatism involves an unbalanced meridian section that brings the meridian section back into balance. This process helps the person to have clear vision. That is why correcting process is so important. Several types of lenses are available to correct mild as well as moderate astigmatis. Lenses too are highly effective in curing astigmatism.

Lens Use: Toric lenses come in customized fit design that set in the eye properly. Bust these customized lenses are a bit costly. Do remember that while correcting your astigmatism your ophthalmologist may charge you a bit more if you have preferred toric lenses to be fitted in the eye. This happens because of the extra effort applied to measure eye for proper adjustment. That is why often doctors prescribe regular contact lenses to treat astigmatism as a first option.

Do note that whether the case is of mild or moderate astigmatis, standard lenses should be preferred in the correcting process. Such efforts help you avoid any untoward complication.

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