Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Causes of Teeth Problems and Treatments

With the advancement in dental treatment technology, you are rest assured that all your dental problems can be well taken care of. All you need is some patience, discipline and some money to get that perfect set of teeth that you always wanted.

When you look at a person, one of the first things that catches your attention is a personís smile.

In fact, displaying a set of white, pearly teeth is an indication that the person has recognized you is acknowledging you. Sometimes, it becomes impossible for a person to flash the smile on account of less than perfect teeth.

Causes of Teeth Problems

Teeth problems are endemic in this day and age. Increased consumption of sugar based junk foods or sweets as well as sodas are one of the prime causes of dental decay and cavities. Again, dental problems can also be seen in smokers where nicotine causes teeth to lose their color as well as causes tooth decay. In addition to these, some of the other common causes of tooth decay are improper and irregular dental care which leads to plaque formation. Sometimes the angles of the teeth are not quite right, due to genetic reasons, which lead to plaque formation and eventual dental decay.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most effective means of correcting dental problems. This is especially true in those cases where the condition of the tooth / teeth has deteriorated to such an extent that only surgery can help. Here are some of the most common cosmetic dentistry practices that help patients tide over their dental problems.

  • Whitening: Smoking as well as improper cleaning of the teeth result in teeth becoming less that pearly white. This could be a cause for embarrassment, especially when the problem is serious. Dentists use dental bleaches to address the problem and return the whiteness of the teeth.
  • Root Canal Treatment: RCT as root canal treatment is known in medical circles is one of the most popular treatments nowadays. The teeth are composed of the crown or the hard portion made of dentine. The lower portion of the tooth is composed of the root which holds the tooth firmly in the jaw. The canal also consists of tissues which could get infected by cavities which expose the tissues to bacteria and the elements (air etc). Root canal treatment involves strengthening the root canal by removing the bacteria and infections and filling up the cavities to prevent further decay. Root canal treatment could need a few sittings with the dentist, especially when the infection is severe. In most cases, local anesthesia may be required for painless root canal treatment.
  • Dental Bridge: sometimes the degree of dental decay is so pronounced, that one of more teeth may be lost. In such cases, the dentist fixes artificial teeth through a dental bridge, taking support from the adjacent teeth for replacement of the missing teeth.
  • Tooth Reshaping: This is a marvelous new technology where the misshaped teeth can be re-contoured within a short span of time. When the gum causes the teeth to be aligned improperly or where the tooth are broken or chipped partially, such tooth contouring is quite useful.
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