Cost of Cochlear Implants

How much does it Cost for Cochlear Implant

When it comes to money required in cochlear implants, it is quite big. In US the cost of undergoing cochlear implant is between $45,000 - $105,000. The price will be including the cost of the surgery, device, post treatment. Health insurance can however bear a part of the costs involved in cochlear implants.

Cochlear implants is basically a surgical method through which an electronic device is inserted into the ear of those who cannot hear. This device is said to be good for the deaf and dumb as it enables such people to get back their hearing power and thereon live a life of peace. These days it has become a common method and in some respects it is said to be even better than hearing aids.

Benefits of Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants is said to be bionic ear. It is meant for children who are born deaf. Through this the hearing power is restored of the child who can listen as well as learn the speech.

In spite of the fact that it is very beneficial and fruitful for the children not many people are able to get their child go for cochlear implants owing to the high costs involved in implantation.

In April 2009 as many as 188,000 people the world over have undergone cochlear implantation. But still a large majority of children and adults cannot go for cochlear implants owing to the high costs involved in the surgery. The cost in fact seems to be included at three levels i.e. the device, the surgery itself as well as the post implantation therapy.

Cost Involved in Cochlear Implants

In the United States the cost of the entire procedure is something between $45,000-$105,000. This entire cost involves the total costs of the surgery along with evaluation of the problem, the device which has to be implanted, hospitalisation of the patient, as well as post implantation.

Only a bit of this money can be covered under the health insurance. Thus, owing to the high costs involved in the procedure there are a number of children and the kids who are not able to get the surgery done.

In some places, it might even range from $40,000-$100,000 but this will depend upon an individual’s needs along with the hospital in which the surgery is being performed. Apart from the basic costs, you will also have to spend the money on CT scan, audiological evaluations as well. Moreover, you need to also include the costs of the batteries, cables which might stop functioning after the warranty period.

Keeping in view the vast money involved in implantation, there are a number of health insurance companies which have increased the coverage of cochlear implants. Medicare and other health plans too are supporting a good deal in these surgeries so the cost could be borne.

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Name: javeria

i am a deaf girl lived in pakistan.i want to gain my hearing power.i has passed bs hons in chemistry in 2010.i have not too much money.will u plz help me? i want to do this is made for help plz do something for me.i am tired from my life due to deafness.i have hearing it zich me.i want operation.plz help me for humanity

Name: shaista

i am from pakistan. my sister who is now 24 years got fever in age of 10 years, she lost her hearing. now doctors recommended cochlear implant for her. but it is too much costly for us. my mother want to get her marry. we can not afford this treatment. kindly help me with an easy way to get this treatment for my sis. thanks

Name: Mehboob Ali

my 12 years son and 4 years daughter lost there hearing completely.. after using hearing aid no helpfull. the price of cochlear implants is too high. plzzzz help and guide me where in Pakistan cheep and affordable cost of the same...thanx

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