Cost of a CT Scan

How much does a CT Scan Cost

CT scans are ordered by doctors to look for any disease in any part of the body like head, neck or chest. But before undergoing, it is imperative to find out the cost of the CT scan, knowing the variations in price range is very important.

It may differ from hospital to hospital, a wide survey should be undertaken to know the correct price.

The cost of CT scan may differ depending upon the part of the body. In USA it is offered on a cash discount basis and may range from anywhere between $300- $700 per body part. Some hospitals can even give you a discount if you want a full body scan.

Variations in Cost of a CT scan - The cost of CT scan may vary from city to city. The prices may be higher in hospitals which have trained medical staff and include more sophisticated procedures. But the outpatient centres are said to have low prices for the CT scan.

CT scan prices are based on a number of factors like the part of the body which is to be examined, whether dye will be used or not, is it being performed at a hospital or an outpatient imaging centre, local competition too plays a role.
Bargaining the Cost of a CT scan -Though hospitals have their rates fixed but the outpatient centres sometimes may relax the price limit since they have more of the local competition and they have profits in their mind. They may even ask you to pay in 3-4 instalments rather than at one go.

It is very important that you first make a survey of various centres before finalising on any one; chances are that you may find a great price variation and in this way you can save a considerable amount of money. Online websites too can prove to be helpful.

The cost also depends on the part of the body which is being scanned eg- a CT scan done to look for kidney stones may include two tests- CT scan of the abdomen and the pelvis. The cost of CT scan is virtually divided into two parts-Technical Fees which includes the entire CT scan procedure and Professional Fees- this includes the fees of the radiologist who interprets the results.

When you go for the CT scan make sure that all the costs are being covered when he gives the fees list and there is no scope for any extra or additional cost later on.Most of the hospitals accept the following modes of payment like cash, check, Visa Discover, Master card and American Express credit cards. CT scan cost is also covered by the insurance companies so it becomes easier to bear the cost. In case your financial situation is weak, be honest and tell the hospital which may in turn offer you some type of assistance.

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Name: Linda

i have no insurance and i wonder how much it costs to have a stomach CT scan? thanx

Name: Lisa

Your stomach CT scan in US will cost you around $7000.

Name: pankaj atal

pis. give me catlog & price.

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