Creative Pregnancy Announcements

Various Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Couples employ various ways to announce pregnancy to their near and dear ones. This includes a simple mail to sending photographs. Some even send pregnancy cards telling their relatives to join them in this happiness. There are creative pregnancy announcements couples resorts to in order to tell everyone.

While there are a few couples who would like to make the announcement of the coming of new born baby prior to the delivery there are a few who prefer to announce only once the baby is born. Of course the choice is yours exclusively. But the big question which arises is how to make the announcement of pregnancy. People the world over try different creative ways to announce their pregnancy.

Announcing Pregnancy

Some prefer to announce about the birth of the new born baby through sending mails to their near and dear ones. Some send cards to the relatives telling them how happy they are about the news. So you can always fall back upon these pregnancy announcement cards to tell it your parents and friends. They appear to have a more personalised touch than the mails.

You can be as creative as you want in letting the world know that the new born has joined your family or is expected to join after a few months. This is utmost important as all would love to join you in these moments of happiness. One very interesting way to make the announcement can be to upload the cop of ultrasound on your personal website which is visited by your family members and friends. If you already have a child and now you are expecting your second child then you can simply make your son or daughter wear a T-shirt with the lines “i am going to become a big brother/sister” and simply email it all your loved ones.

Telling Your Husband about Pregnancy

If you have been hiding your pregnancy from your husband then you can simply write a romantic letter to him describing how much you love him, how much he means to you and how he has changed your life forever by giving you the chance to become a mother. Yet another thing which you may try is to write or email him a letter as if you are an unborn child and telling him how happy he would be to see him, how much he would love him. This surely is going to make your husband emotional.

You can even get yourself photographed with your growing belly and get it mailed to all. It is a simple and effective way to communicate about your pregnancy. Without words everything will be clear to all. You can even hold a poster in your hand with the words “You all are going to get a grandson soon”, take a snap and post it.

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