Cures for Neuralgia

What Are The Types Of Treatment for Neuralgia

Neuralgia is a broad term that is used to denote intense painful sensation in some parts of the body. There are different types of neuralgia according to its affectation. Learn what the cures for neuralgia are with the aid of this article.

In finding cures for neuralgia, it is best to base it with the part that is affected by the condition. Although there are general cures used in this, still, it is best for you to utilize the specific one.

Facial Neuralgia Cure

Facial Neuralgia is a subtype of this disease that involves the cranial nerves. This is considered as cluster of painful condition inside the mouth. This is triggered by eating, chewing and other actions that involve the mouth. Patients can feel relief with this condition with the aid of acupuncture, self- hypnosis, chiropractic adjustment and meditation. In acupuncture, the painful sensation is lessened with the aid of the needles inserted in the skin. These absorb the painful sensation, thereby decreasing the pain level felt by the patient.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Cure

Trigeminal neuralgia, on the other hand, is a condition that involves firmness of the trigeminal nerve, whether artery or vein. This condition develops after physical injury and in some instances, caused by tumours. There are also rare cases that multiple sclerosis is the main cause of this. This disease primarily creates nerve sclerosis that leads to neuralgial pain. The best cure for this is colloidal silver. This is a natural antibiotic that helps halt the damaging of the nerve especially when the causative agent is virus. Aside from this, you can also use high protein diet to create new nerve cells. Supplements with L-Lysine are also effective in curing this disease. This is responsible in stopping the proliferation of virus to your other body parts.

Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia Cure

There is also another type of neuralgia that is known as the Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia. The pain in here is shock like that which originates from the tonsilar region and extends to the base of the tongue, pharynx, ear and on the jaw angle. Sometimes, the pain is also felt at the neck's upper lateral part. The conditions that trigger the pain in this are throat clearing, yawning and swallowing. The main cure for this is with the aid of eating foods that are high in protein content. Aside from that, the colloidal silver is also proven effective in this neuralgia type.

Postherpetic Neuralgia

Postherpetic Neuralgia is another type of this condition. In here, those people who have immune systems that are compromised are often the main target of this particular condition. According to sources, the occurrence of this is rare with persons who do not yet reach the age of 50. In some condition, a few cases of this disease are caused by herpes virus. So, in this situation, colloidal silver is very much effective in reversing the health alteration. This will help halt the proliferation of this virus.

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Name: jww

Could a dental procedure injury result in a viral infiltration of the nerve resulting in TN ?--[have seen only herpes zoster and simplex mentioned so far] [Colloidal silver is seems suggested for viruses] If so how does one tell.?--blistering or a rash?--Carbamazepine is controlling pain at present--but of course a cure would be better.

Name: cindy benson

after 2 molar root canal done, I have stabbing , dull pain, burning from my teeth, gum, jaw,head, neck and down to the shoulder, i don't know what kind the neuralgia i have? and what kind the treatment will help me or herb? Thank You.

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