Degenerating Uterine Fibroids

Tips on Degenerating Uterine Fibroids: How to Manage the Pain

When there is presence of degenerating uterine fibroids, there is an occurrence of pain. This sensation is oftentimes intolerable but still depends on a case to case basis. Learning how to manage the pain associated with the presence of degenerative uterine fibroids must be learned by the one who is affected with this condition.

Based from the claims of the people who are affected with the disease named as degenerating uterine fibroids, there is an intense pain that is felt. Surely, the painful sensation can alter not only the function of a certain individual but also his societal role. Managing this condition is a must.

What is Degenerative Uterine Fibroids?

When talking about degenerating uterine fibroids, it refers to the formation of benign tumor originating from the myometrium or the muscular layer of the uterus. The origin of this tumor usually extends to the uterus' connective tissue. This is usually developed during the middle as well as latter part of the reproductive years. It is said that the tumor is benign. Even though this is non-cancerous, still, appropriate intervention must be employed. One of the most inconvenient symptoms of the condition is intense pain. This is usually felt during the menstrual cycle of the woman. Aside from that, this condition is also characterized by other signs and symptoms. These are:

  • Heavy menstruation
  • Painful intercourse
  • Urgency and frequency of urination

Pain during Bleeding

During the course of the development of degenerative uterine fibroids, one may experience heavy bleeding. The bleeding in here is accompanied by intense pain. This pain is due to the stimulation of the pain receptors on the nerve endings. When this happens, you may try lying down and placing a pillow under your knees. In order to relax the muscles or tissues of the uterus, you may apply warm compress on it. If the pain is not reduced by non-pharmacological means, you may try to take ibuprofen. This does not only combats the pain but also reduces the bleeding associated with this disease.

Abdominal Pain

Degenerative uterine fibroids also produce general pain felt in the abdomen. This varies and can be constant depending on the woman's menstrual cycle. More specifically, this is a stabbing and dull pain. The main cause of this is the pressure brought by the fibroids to your internal organs. Compression of organs involves stimulation of the nerve endings. The most common means of eliminating or if not, reducing the pain in your abdomen is by massaging the area. Aside from that, you may also use a warm compress to reduce the painful sensation.

Painful Intercourse

Since degenerative uterine fibroids happen in person that is in the middle age, one may experience pain during intercourse. The pain during intercourse usually depends upon the location and the size of the tumor. In order to lessen the pain during coitus, it is best for the partner to discover several positions during intercourse. If you already find a position where you are comfortable enough, then it may be the appropriate one for you.

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