Diabetes Related Complications

Common Complications in Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease that happens to people when his or her body is malfunctioning when it comes to creating insulin. Insulin plays an important factor in changing carbohydrates into energy.

Diabetes creates a disturbance in the normal function of the body thus if untreated can cause complications and much severe disease.

Diabetes should be taken seriously. You need to work closely with a doctor to develop a plan that will combat this disease. There are many ways to treat diabetes. You may opt for medication or natural way. Whatever you choose, it will be best if accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise. Take note that once you are diagnose with diabetes, it so important that you learn to manage it so you can minimize the effect in your body. There are two categories of diabetes complications. The first one is called short term complications that can be settled in a short period because this is just a result of high sugar level. On the other hand long term complications happen as a result of prolonged high sugar levels in your body.

Diabetes can lead to a lot of disease and illnesses in the body. Some of them can be serious and severe than diabetes itself.

  • Blurred vision is one of the major symptoms of diabetes. It is because the body takes fluid from other tissue because of the lack of insulin. People may likely to be prone to blindness.
  • Heart ailments can often be attributed to diabetes.
  • Stroke is another major complication of diabetes. People have a higher chance of stroke when he or she is diabetic.
  • Kidneys are usually affected when you have diabetes. They are often working harder than the normal that they don’t properly filter the waste that often leads to kidney failure.
  • Another diabetes complication is the damage of nerves that are connecting the spinal cord to the muscles and other organs.
  • Because of poor blood circulation, diabetes can caused problems in the feet.
  • Skin diseases are a sign the people may have diabetes but the good news is it can be treated and prevented.
  • Gastroparesis is a kind of disease that happens when the nerves in the stomach are damaged causing for it to take awhile before emptying it. It also goes with bloating, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea and gastro reflux.
  • Depression is a mental disorder also triggered by diabetes. People who suffer the diabetes may feel he or she lacks control of his or her body. Thus the feeling of sadness and failure takes place.

These complications are some effects of diabetes that clearly states that is important to detect it at an early stage. Detecting diabetes early is the best way to learn how to cure it therefore lessening the chances of having severe illness. Learning to manage the disease plays a huge role in making sure that you remain control over the disease. Even if you don’t have a diabetes, proper exercise and healthy living is one way to lessen your chance of having this disease. Remember that these complications can be avoided.


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