Diabetes and Cholesterol Diet

Lowering of Cholesterol in Treating Diabetes

Diabetes and cholesterol diet are in many ways related to each other. Cholesterol is a lipid which is present in all human beings in a small amount, it is quite essential in the maintenance of a good health. But excessive cholesterol can be harmful for your body. So, lowering of cholesterol in treating diabetes is a must.

People who are suffering from diabetes need to be more careful in dealing with cholesterol since cardiovascular diseases are said to be the main cause of death in diabetic patients. The American Diabetes Association reveals that heart and other cardiovascular diseases are more likely to occur in people who are suffering from diabetes.

Though various forms of cholesterol are available but the two most common types are low density lipo proteins(bad cholesterol) and high density lipo proteins(good cholesterol). Persons with diabetes need to be extra careful when taking into account the guidelines with regard to cholesterol. It has been recommended that total cholesterol levels should be around less than 20mg/dL.

Cholesterol Diet Chart for Diabetics

Before moving on to decide your diet chart it is quite essential for you to know about the foods which are high in cholesterol and the foods which may increase the cholesterol level. You need to reduce the intake of – eggs, cheese, butter, Crisco, and tropical oils. Always check the food label before you buy anything and so avoid trans fats from your diet. You need to rely more on fruits, vegetables, olives, whole grains, beans, nuts.

Those who suffer from diabetes are more likely to suffer from high levels of bad cholesterol. Fatty foods are said to be one of the prime reasons for the development of high cholesterol level and ultimately the onset of diabetes. People who are consuming more of fatty foods containing high cholesterol are unknowingly more prone towards getting diabetes. So you need to maintain a healthy diet plan in order to avoid such a situation from arising altogether.

Eating oats and grain are essential since they soak up the excessive cholesterol from the body and release glucose in the body. Fresh fruits and fibre rich diet is also said to help those who are suffering from cholesterol and diabetes. To solve the menace occurring from both these problems you can also rely on fish oil. Omega 3 is said to be greatly helpful in dealing with the twin problems. Those who are non vegetarians it is good to switch over to white meat from red meat. Bison is said to be highly nutritious and so you can include it in your diet chart.

Changes in Lifestyle

In order to maintain a normal cholesterol level you need to maintain certain important changes in your lifestyle these include- changes in your diet and exercises as both will help to reduce the glucose level. However it needs to be remembered that abnormal cholesterol levels might be difficult to deal with and so you have to rely on cholesterol reducing drugs to counter the same.

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