Diabetes and Low Blood Pressure

How Low Blood Pressure Affects Diabetes

Diabetes and low blood pressure are said to be linked to each other as diabetic patients often tend to suffer from extremely low blood pressure. How low blood pressure affects diabetes is a common problem which needs to be taken care of by the diabetic patients. Consult your doctor for proper advice.

Doctors recommend that people who suffer from diabetes need to get their blood pressure checked regularly in order to avoid any kind of complications with regard to their health.

Postural Hypotension and Diabetes

Though diabetes is said to be basically associated with high blood pressure but most often diabetic people can also suffer extremely low blood pressure. The situation is called as postural hypotension. In such a situation the diabetic patient may suffer from faintness and dizziness, apart from turning very weak and lethargic. This situation is mostly visible when the patient stands after sitting or lying down for a long period of time. This happens when the systolic blood pressure declines by around 20 mmHg or more. It is usually evident when the person stands up and is likely to faint.

Studies have pointed out that cardiovascular diseases are one of the most important factors responsible for the deaths of the diabetic people. The diabetic people are more prone to suffer from heart attack or stroke than others. People who have diabetes may also suffer from low blood pressure this is because of a number of factors like – changes in the drugs which might not suit the body, lack of water in the body, anaemia, old age or kidney dialysis. Apart from this, low blood pressure is also because of hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism.

It is important that people with diabetes get their hypotension treated at the earliest because even this can be life threatening. The best measure is to consult the physician regularly; they also need to take the medication properly and if there is any kind of side effects it is important to inform the physician about the same. They should also maintain a proper control over their blood sugar level.

Problems which the Diabetic Patients Suffer from

People who suffer from diabetes run the risk of various other complications also like kidney failure, heart disease and strokes. So vigilance is the key word here. What is important is that you should take into account your diet regime in a proper fashion, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also an important aspect, try to go for walking and regular exercises as this too helps to keep blood pressure under control along with that it also helps in controlling diabetes.
Diabetes is also known to damage the normal blood supply to the nerves, this can create lots of problems as the blood vessels may find it hard to adjust to your blood pressure. But the treatment may vary from person to person, so always rely on a good doctor’s advice.

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