Diabetes in Old Age

How to Treat Diabetes in Old Age

Diabetes in old age is a serious sickness. The problem tends to assume greater proportions since all medicines cannot be given to old people; more complications arise in old people. So the family members should be aware of how to treat diabetes in old age so that the person can live a peaceful life.

Diabetes in elderly people can be really tough to deal with. It is indeed an added burden in old age. Old people in fact are more prone to suffer from diabetes primarily because of lack of movement and work. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the symptoms of diabetes in the old and this makes the treatment even more difficult.

Elder people need extra care in diabetes since they run the risk of developing non ketotic hyperosmolar coma sometimes leading to death even. Yet another difficulty is reduction in weight of the elderly, since they cannot be made to undergo hard strenuous exercises so the best way is to keep the diet under check.

The old age people are more prone to developing various complications like neuropathy, nephropathy, vascular diseases and hypertension so greater precautions are needed with regard to the kind of medicines they are made to live on.

Role of Family Members

The role of other family members assumes importance in such a scenario. Since it is almost impossible for the aged person to manage all his medicines and treatment all by himself alone so it is better that one of his family members assumes the responsibility of looking after him. This includes keeping a check on his blood pressure and the blood sugar level. This needs to be noted down in a proper diary. He should be taken on short walks.

The elderly person’s food has to be given special attention. They should be given proper food- low salt, no sugar and hard spices are to be given. Apart from this energy rich food should be given. See that he is drinking lots and lots of boiled water, along with the fruits which can be taken by diabetic patients. Try to keep him as healthier as possible so minimise any kind of tension that might be affecting him

Risks Involved in Elderly

The insulin sensitivity is less likely to improve in the elderly people so need to take care more. Also, the genetics, body composition and lifestyle all have a contributing factor in the old age so the diabetic patient has to take into account all these factors as well. Researches have proven that postprandial hyperglycemia is more difficult to be diagnosed in the elderly people than in the young ones. But the drugs which needs to be administered in order to check this problem have to chosen with caution or else there stands a chance that the complication may increase further.

Old age people suffering from diabetes are also likely to be effective with blurred vision, unexplained weight loss, slow healing of wounds, frequent urination and thirst accompanied by thirst. These problems need to be tackled at the earliest and so it is essential that the doctor is consulted immediately.

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