Diabetic Blood Glucose Level

Controlling Diabetic Blood Glucose Level

Certain amount of glucose or sugar that human or animal blood accommodates is in fact blood sugar concentration or blood glucose level. As exactness of such level is of greater value to keep body metabolism well maintained our focus must be on maintaining it better. Often regulation of diabetic blood glucose level remains important means for better control over the chronic ailment. An effective regulation keeps metabolic homeostasis in control.

The fact can’t be denied that glucose is major resource that provides sufficient energy to human bodies. This process starts with passing on energy to body cell that keeps whole body fit as well as active. Blood glucose level is assessed through certain types of lipids -- fats and oils – in body that is shifted from one part to the other through bloodstream. It is normal phenomenon but major difficulty arises when you look at diabetic blood glucose level.

It requires extra care and planning. In normal cases level of glucose keeps fluctuating in day time. It raises post meals which continue for hours. Blood glucose level remains low in wee hours when one still not takes meal. Level of fluctuation and variation go higher when it comes to assessing diabetic blood glucose level. Often difficulties occur the moment level crosses normal range. It is symptom of ill health that too if one is diabetic that already damage health steadily.

Side Effects:

In case diabetic blood glucose level reaches high one faces hyperglycemia but if it is lower than required level then it is an indication of hypoglycemia. Both symptoms invite problem for individuals. Repeated hyperglycemia causes diabetic symptoms. Diabetes mellitus is one major causal source for damaging body. It is one of the main causes of diabetic influence.

The situation becomes alarming due to unmatched diabetic blood glucose level hence sufferers literally face near death experience. Worst affect of diabetic blood glucose level is felt in blood sugar regulation failure. Even temporary situation can cause enigmatic affect. Sufferers face too much stress. Resultantly one may even face trauma, stroke or heart attack.

Main Causes:

One suffers from disordered diabetic blood glucose level due to various reasons. Most common reason is alcohol intake. Uncontrolled alcohol creates surge in blood sugar level that ultimately disturbs whole body system. It causes diabetic problem as symptoms of diabetic blood glucose level begins. Same is the case with the intake of few drugs. They are capable to increase or decrease glucose level henceforth one suffers from disturbance that is dangerous and creates problem in diabetic blood glucose level. It is therefore important to control level and help it reach up to normalcy so that body maintains itself even if suffers from diabetic problem.

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Name: Tanya Ackerman

HI There, Interesting read! Thank you. Monday evening i started feeling very weak and told my hubby that if i go to sleep i might not wake up again. My mom arrived and took me to the hospital. When i arrived there, they checked my blood pressure etc and did a sugar test. I was then rushed into the ICU ward and was told that my sugar level was just too low and that if i didnt arrive sooner i would have been in a coma. As a teenager i used to suffer from low sugar levels and would just faint, this was the first major ordeal i went through and ws convinced i was going to die. How do get over this trauma and how do i ensure this does not happen again. I still feel very weak and am still scared to sleep. Thank you. Tanya Ackerman

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