Diabetic Neuropathy Causes

What Are The Causes of Diabetic Neuropathy

The identification of the diabetic neuropathy causes is very crucial in the treatment of the disease. When the cause of the condition is determined, experts in the field of medicine can easily prescribe appropriate treatments for the cure of the disease. The diabetic neuropathy causes are described in this write up.

Before choosing the type of treatment for a certain disease, it is a protocol of health institutions to identify the cause of the disease. There are diabetic neuropathy causes that you have to know. Having an idea about these causes will help you handle the condition wisely.

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is the disease in which there is damage in the walls of the vessels because of the diabetes itself. The most prominent vessels involved in this case are the small nerves. However, there is also a possibility that the damage may not just be confined in small vessels but also in larger ones. When there is presence of nerve damage, there is alteration in the functionality of some parts of the body. Most probably, there will be decrease in the sensation of distal parts of the human system. In worse cases, gangrene may develop. This is the case wherein the extremities of the concerned individual are already decaying. Causes of diabetic neuropathy are as follows:

  • Faulty lifestyle
  • Increase in blood sugar concentration
  • Increase in the intake of saturated fats

Faulty Lifestyle

Faulty lifestyle is the primary rooted cause of the presence of diabetic neuropathy. If we dig this deeper, the primary cause of the development of this condition is because of the presence of Diabetes Mellitus. There are two main classifications of Diabetes Mellitus. The type 1 class is hereditary and the type 2 is brought by faulty lifestyle. When there is inappropriate lifestyle like drinking excessive alcohol, there is an easy tear in the tunica intima of the vessels. When this tear progressed, it can now lead to neuropathy.

Increase in Blood Sugar Concentration

Aside from faulty lifestyle like drinking excessive alcohol, increase in the intake of sugar is also rooted to be one of the main causes of diabetic neuropathy. In the case of diabetes, there is a failure in the metabolism of sugar. When the sugar is not broken down properly, it will just float in the blood and will increase its viscosity. When the blood is highly viscous, the heart will exert effort in pumping it in order to be delivered from vital tissues. Too much pressure exerted by the heart will cause damage in the integrity of the nerves leading to diabetic neuropathy.

Increase in Saturated Fat Intake

Increase in the intake of fats is also another reason for the development of diabetic neuropathy. Particularly, saturated fats or the bad cholesterol will cause this condition. Too much presence of saturated fats in the lifeline of the body or the vessels will cause increase in the concentration of blood. When the blood is too much concentrated, the heart will find it hard to deliver it to the distal parts of the body. Like the increase in the viscosity of the blood, too much pressure given by the heart will also damage the nerves leading to diabetic neuropathy.

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