Diet for Diverticulitis Attack

What Is The Food For Diverticulitis Attack

The moment that there is diverticulosis attack, you should be careful of your diet intake. Diet for diverticulosis attack is important for your health condition not to be exacerbated.

Diet for diverticulosis attack should be learned because it will facilitate lessening of the intensity felt and associated with the disease. You must particularly determine the foods that must be eaten from those that should not be.

What Is Diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis is the condition wherein there is out pouching of some of the intestines' region. In most cases, this results to the inflammation of the infected and affected part. The pain that is felt in here is really intense. This is due to the compression of the nerve endings as a result of the out pouching of intestinal regions as well as the inflammation. The diet of the person with diverticulitis is not really the cure for the condition. But rather, it is a helpful regimen that will help lessen the degree of inconvenience brought by the intestinal condition.

Diet Purpose

The diet of the person with diverticulitis must be properly emphasized to the patient in order to help decrease the discomfort that he is feeling. The main purpose of the diet is to provide the affected intestinal part to rest and at the same time, giving it a good chance to treat the affected part. The doctor's orders diverticulitis diet in order to help the medication regimen to achieve its full effects. However, it is a protocol that if a person cannot anymore tolerate the discomfort of the disease even if he is in home medicating condition, it is now the time to have him confined in a hospital.

Specific Foods During Attack

The specific diet that is being ordered when there is a diverticulosis attack is composed of those foods that belong to the clear liquid kind. Examples of these are coffee or tea with no cream, plain water, plain gelatin, ice pop that are free from fruit pulp, ice chips, clear soda as well as broth. Clear gelatin is advised in order to know if there are bleeding in the intestines. This is because almost all of the gelatines come in red and they may provide false positive result in bleeding exams.

Foods That Must Be Eaten After The Attack

After the attack, the primary concern now is the foods that must be eaten. So, after a diverticulosis attack, expect that your doctor will order you to eat foods that have higher amount of fiber. However, in adding fiber to your diet, see to it that you will do it gradually. The foods that are specifically ordered are vegetables, wild rice, whole grain bread or cereals, legumes, fruits as well as brown rice. Ideally, the fiber intake for a male patient must be 38 grams per day. On the contrary, female patients must take a daily fiber amount of 25 grams.

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