Diet for Hot Flashes

Best Food for Hot Flashes

Treating hot flashes through diet is one of the best ways to get rid of this uncomfortable situation. This may affect women during their menopause and cause weakness. You should take more of nuts and almonds. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits like apples. Diet for hot flashes should focus on foods that help to reduce your body temperature.

Hot flashes tends to affect a majority of women. Though it may occur mostly at night times but in some of the cases, at other times too this may occur leaving the women fatigued and weak. However it has been found that if you make certain changes in your diet then surely you can control the problem to a larger extent.

Foods to be Avoided

There are a number of food products which you need to avoid while getting treated for hot flashes. Some of these include tea, coffee, alcohol. You also need to stay away from spicy foods. If you are an avid smoker it is the best time to get rid of the smoking habit. You should try to avoid taking excessive sugar in the diet, rather go for sugar alternatives.

Make it a point that you are taking a low fat diet if you really want to get rid of hot flashes, you need to avoid all these foods which are said to be rich in fat. Women who suffer from hot flashes need to eat more and more of calcium rich diet. Foods that are rich in magnesium too are said to be good to take in hot flashes.

Diet for Hot Flashes

Try to include more and more of green leafy vegetables and increase the intake of nuts if you want to stay healthy and happy. Almonds too have been found to be very effective in the treatment. Fiber rich diet which includes whole grains should be taken all the more. If it is possible then sea vegetable foods too can be eaten.

One of the simplest changes to be made in your diet is to increase the intake of fluids especially water as much as possible, since this is known to wash away all the infections from the body and thereby cleans the body from within. You can also drink plenty of vegetable juices as well.

Make sure you are eating soy in one form or the other as this is known to be one of the best diets for treating hot flashes. Flax seeds too serve as a good food for those women who are suffering from hot flashes. Apart from this, you can also take a variety of other foods like apples, carrots and olives.

A number of herbs too have been found to work wonders in case of hot flashes. Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, chaste berry are known to be very effective in hot flashes treatment.

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