Diet for People with High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol and Diet

High cholesterol and diet are said to be very much linked to each other, since unhealthy eating habits are said to be the prime cause of high cholesterol. Diet for people with high cholesterol includes food which is rich in fibre, are low in fats and oil. Along with the diet, proper exercise regime is also a must.

People who suffer from high cholesterol level need to be very careful with regard to their diet, since it is with diet alone that you can keep a check on your high cholesterol level. It is better to consult a doctor on your cholesterol level since it is very much essential to keep it in control or else it may prove to be fatal in the long run.

Foods to Eat in High Cholesterol

There is a complete list of foods available with the doctors whom you should ask your doctor as well, this way you will be aware of what to eat and what not to eat. Eating a little bit around 1 % of dairy products is almost permissible for the people with high cholesterol. They can even eat meat which should be fat free or with very little amount of fat. So they can go for poultry, fish, shellfish are permitted but in restricted amount. French fires are a big no for such people. Instead of eating fried chicken it is better to opt for grilled or roasted chicken. Try to keep a check on your salt intake that is very much important.
These days, a number of food products are available for those people with high cholesterol so that they don’t have to suffer on that account. So there is fat free ice-cream, salad dressings, yoghurt all for the people who are high on cholesterol.

Precautions to Take

There are probably no symptoms of high cholesterol which on the front may appear to the person concerned. So it is good if you take precautions on the whole by trying to be on a low cholesterol diet. Along with the diet, exercises are a must for such people; it should not be ignored at any cost. Poor lifestyle accompanied by improper diet are said to be the leading causes of high cholesterol level.

Sometimes this is also said to be genetic in origin and may pass onto the children as well. Thus it becomes all the more important to get it checked. You also need to take low sugar foods and foods that are good for your heart since a healthy heart has a direct relation with your cholesterol level. Include more and more of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet, these help to boost your heart and thereby prevent strokes. Make sure that you are eating a variety of protein rich foods in your diet. In fact high intake of Omega rich fatty acids are said to be quite helpful in reducing cholesterol level.

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