Diet for Sarcoidosis

Food for Sarcoidosis

In order to effectively cure sarcoidosis, knowing it and accepting it as a chronic disorder must be done, herbs are as well needed for its cure coupled with purification of the blood. With this kind of diet for sarcoidosis, such an ailment will truly be prevented from severity and will actually leave your body.

Being a Chronic Disorder

Before we delve further to the ways on how to have the needed diet for its elimination, there is a need for us to know the meaning of sarcoidosis first. It is defined in the medical dictionary, and I quote, “a chronic disorder of unknown origin characterized by the formation of tubercles on nonnecrotizing epithlioid tissue. Common sites are the lung, spleen, liver, skin, mucous membranes, and lacrimal and salivary glands, usually with involvement of the lymph glands.” From this definition, you can already imagine how your health will be risked. Actually, the reason for its existence is improper diet. So, what you need is total change or makeover of your lifestyle. Junk foods must be totally eliminated from your body. These even include cereals as well as grains. Chocolate as well as coffee must also be pushed away from your lifestyle because they will only create severity on your sarcoidosis.

Herbs to Cure Sarcoidosis

The lymphatic system must be the primary focus of your herbal diet. But before you go directly with the diet, you must first consider the herbs which are somewhat needed in your diet plan. Among these are cleavers, red root, burdock root and then mullein leaves. Say for instance cleavers. What are the properties of this herbal medicine? Well, of course there is something that we need to know about it and that is the fact that it is edible. Though edible, this is widely known as not that delicious. Being delicious anyway is not the aim of this herbal medicine. It is its curing effect to sarcoidosis.

Purification Remedy

Delving further with the diet for sarcoidosis, blood purifying herbs must be included as always. One herb that is very much effective in treating such an ailment is the strawberry leaf. It can be made into a tea, and as such, it can be considered as best in treating eczema. Because of its vitamins and minerals, daily intake of which will truly be of good help. So, what are you waiting for? Get one pack and put it under a cup of hot water.

Proper Diet for Curing Sarcoidosis

Proper diet in order for you to treat the very health risky sarcoidosis would have to include elimination from your daily food intake those which have soda in it. Candies as well as chocolates, other processed foods like corned beef and other canned goods, must be eliminated in totality. If you are also a drunkard, better dump that vice because it is of no help to you.

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Name: Elizabeth A. McAfee-Kelley

Thank you very much for this information. I was diagnosed w/Sarcoidosis of the lungs in 1997. I never knew there was a cure; because Dr.'s only treat w/medicines. I was on steroids until the end of 08', plaquenil until May 2010 and now I'm having to wear glasses most of the time. It had been in remission for a while and now it's beginning to flare-up w/skin rashes, and the arthritis. I Thank God for this Web-site, and I'm going to do it. God Bless

Name: judith ashton

I am a psychotherapist with a client suffering from Sarcoidosis. I am checking it out.... any dietary tips??? Thanks Judith

Name: Mohammad-Umar Faruk Ali

Hi I've been suffering from chronic sarcoidosis of the pituitary for the past 9 years. It has effected my breathing, joint pains, no strength and I can carry on. I've been on most of the drugs and now I'm on hydrocortisone and other multiple drugs.If there is any information that you can help me with I would really appreciate it even if i have to change my diet.

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