Difference between Cold and Flu Symptoms

Understanding the Difference between Cold and Flu

Understanding the difference between cold and flu is essential in order to get these treated at the earliest, so that you know which medication you have to take. The difference also helps us to know the basics of the two diseases. Though it is possible to treat common cold with home remedies but flu needs the proper advice of the doctors.

There is a difference between cold and flu symptoms, but most of the people are not aware of the same. This creates much of the confusion in the minds of the people who are able to realise the difference between the two when it becomes too late and the illness assumes serious proportions.

Difference between Flu and Cold

Flu is caused by influenza virus which is said to be respiratory virus. On the other hand common cold is also caused by virus called the adenovirus. In fact there are a number of viruses responsible for common cold and hence there is no as such prescribed medicine for common cold.

Flu is said to be quite severe than cold and hence requires urgent medical attention while common cold can even be treated at home. In common cold the person may suffer from runny nose, sore throat, fever and headache but in case of flu you may get your lungs, joints influenza and this may lead to pneumonia, respiratory diseases. Some of the symptoms for flu include muscle aches, soreness. This sometimes if left untreated may cause severe vomiting, diarrhoea amongst the kids.

Yet another point of difference between the two is that while flu may be pandemic in nature and thus may affect thousands of people if the government and the NGOs don’t take stringent measures on the other hand common cold may affect only a few people who may come in contact with the person suffering from cold.

The time period for both flu and cold to last is around one to three weeks. For common cold you can use aspirin, ibuprofen and syrups but for flu Tamiflu and Relenza are the antivirals which are used. These are able to shorten the length and time period of the viruses and hence the person can get quick relief.

Similarities between Cold and Flu

A point of similarity between cold and flu is that both enter the body through nose, eyes, and mouth. Whenever you do not take precaution and get your hand, nose touched with someone affected with the flu or cold you are likely to suffer from the common cold and flu. So it is quite essential to wash your hands and keep yourself away from the infected person as much as possible. In both of these situations, the person may suffer from lethargy, stiffness in the neck, chest congestion.

You should not ignore the symptoms and get yourself treated as early as possible.

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