Different Kind of Plastic Surgery

Things You Need to Know About Plastic Surgery

What are the types of plastic surgery? What are the things you need to consider before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure?

Undergoing plastic surgery nowadays is very extensive, almost everybody wants to change what they really look like, they may be are not contented with their outward look.

Some wants to have their abdomen firm, reshape their eye lid, breast lift or reduction, enlarging the buttocks, face lift, liposuction, reshaping the nose, reshaping of ears, reshaping of chin and cheekbones

Plastic surgery is a procedural improvement or enhancement; it refers to the remolding or to reshape certain form in the body particularly the external appearance

Types of Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery: This kind of procedure is a voluntary one. An individual who undergo cosmetic surgery may want to enhance their outward look. They may be unappealing and may have been humiliated because of their physical feature.

Cosmetic surgery centers on the face and the middle part of the body such as: chin augmentation implantation of the chin, abdominoplasty for the abdomen, blepharoplasty for eyelid, breast augmentation for breast reshaping, buttock augmentation for buttocks enhancement, face lift for wrinkle removal, rhinoplasty for nose improvement, otoplasty for ear reshaping, and cheek augmentation for reshaping the cheeks, tummy tuck that tightened the abdomen area and of course the famous liposuction for removal of fats from belly, buttock and thighs.

There is also nonsurgical process for appearance enhancement: Botox injection that gives smoother skin, hair removal using laser and restylane.

Reconstructive Surgery: This procedure is different from cosmetic surgery which is a voluntary option, reconstructive surgery is done because it gets in the way of the persons health. These fixes irregularity in the body, these can be as birth defects such as webbed fingers and toes, cleft palate, cancerous diseases, removing of tumors, amputations because of diabetes or accidents, or removal of breast to prevent cancer tissue to spread and reduce complications is called mastectomy and trauma.

Before you go through plastic surgery particularly for cosmetic surgery, you need to ensure that you are physical fit, emotionally stable and mentally prepared unless it is a reconstructive one. It is recommended that the surgeon needs to have several test before doing the surgery process.

A possible effect of plastic surgery is to be in pain after the procedure, feeling tired and dizzy, resting from regular activity until recovery is completed. High self esteem and self confidence will follow as the main reason for the surgery is to beautify the outward appearance.

Plastic surgery is not only meant for those who have money, not only for celebrities’, not only for the well known or prominent people but also for those who would like to improve their physical feature and for those who want to be notice.

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