Do Humans Have Canine Teeth

Humans Have Canine Teeth but Their Use Matters The Most

Earlier it was difficult to correlate whether humans had canine teeth or not. There has occurred dramatic change in the approach now. One gets benefited of scientific innovations and research findings that help us understand that humans have canine teeth but their use differs from animals. The heart of the matter is that you must know mammalian oral anatomy and canine teeth which are also named cuspids, dogteeth or fangs.

Definitely humans have canine teeth. This fact can’t be denied at any level. Actually these anterior-most teeth linked with maxillary bone help humans on various stages. These are the teeth that remain associated with basal portion which distinguishes them from the rest. Such canines are pivotal in performing several roles. These are specific categories of teeth that have specific roles. It can be said that teeth combination of humans would be incomplete without canine teeth.

Canine Teeth

Before you differentiate canine teeth and their presence in humans and animals it is a must to know their roles. They are pointed teeth in upper and lower jaw and are longer in shape as compared to rest teeth. In most cases these teeth are flattened whose appearance is seen and felt. When you look at them minutely you find that canine teeth of human still resemble like incisors. Role of canine teeth in humans is as important as the canine teeth in animals.

These teeth hold food and help you in tearing them apart. It is therefore important to know that canine teeth helps human when they eat food, though they perform several miscellaneous tasks too.

Humans and Canine Teeth

Overall functioning of canine teeth in humans is similar to that of animals. These are large sized teeth whose role cannot be negated. Usually these teeth are four in number in every individual – combination of two in upper jaw and the rest two in lower complete them. The example of this unique setting and similarity is felt in humans and dogs.

Furthermore, let it also be explained that humans’ canine teeth differ for some extent from the canine teeth of animals – actual canines what medical sciences claim. Canine teeth of animals are not only longer but also too much pointed. Canine teeth of humans therefore don’t match with all animals and remain unique in one way or the other.

Why Canine Teeth?

A question arises why humans have canine teeth. Simple reply of this query is that humans eat meat since time immemorial. They can’t perform this duty of theirs without the four canine teeth which everybody possesses. Though humans have such teeth they don’t forget the instinct while making best use of them in the civilized society in which they survive unlike animals that turn volatile in using them.

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