Does Alcohol Affect Blood Pressure

Effect of Alcohol on Blood Pressure

Effect of alcohol on blood pressure is very acute and can even prove to be fatal. Does alcohol affect blood pressure-indeed it affects. A number of studies have proved that drinking alcohol is likely to increase the blood pressure and can even prove fatal if alcohol intake is not restricted.

The worst thing is that alcohol contains calories which indubitably may lead to weight gain which is quite unhealthy as it may eventually lead to a rise in blood pressure all the more. Along with that alcohol also interferes with the medicines which you might be taking for controlling blood pressure. You may witness a number of side effects because of the medications if you don’t restrict alcohol. Alcohol also affects the kidneys, when kidneys are harmed they exert pressure on the arteries which in turn lead to blood pressure. Heavy drinkers are more prone to suffer from blood pressure than anyone else.

Negative effect of Alcohol

Alcohol in small quantities has been found to be quite good for the heart as it helps in the circulation but the problem emerges when it is taken in excessive amount. Drinking alcohol has bad effects on the heart apart from other organs of the body. The worst thing is that alcohol will increase the blood pressure since alcohol is a vasodilator which opens up the blood vessels instead of constricting them.

The medicines which you are taking for blood pressure also tend to be affected because of alcohol intake. So consult your doctor first before taking the medicine. Accupril is one of the medicines which tend to be affected by alcohol. The person may suffer from dizziness and light headedness. Yet another medicine is Amlodipine, alcohol may increase the effect of this heart which will be adverse for the patient. It will lower the blood pressure even further and the person may even faint.

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