Does Aspirin Lower Blood Pressure

Effect of Aspirin on Blood Pressure

Does aspirin lower blood pressure is a common question asked by the people who suffer from blood pressure. You need to be cautious in taking aspirin since it carries a number of side effects, so always consult your doctor before you take aspirin. People with stomach ulcers, gouts, kidney problem should try not to take aspirin.

There is a number of people who take aspirin without knowing the correct form of their blood pressure and whether it will be beneficial or not. Aspirin will help in blood pressure or not basically depends upon the nature of your blood pressure.

If your blood has more viscosity than chances are that the doctor might recommend you to take aspirin with other medications, since it has been known to reduce the viscosity of blood. But the problem is that aspirin has some side effects as well so you may just stop it once your blood becomes thin.

The studies have shown that aspirin works well in mild blood pressure and for higher blood pressure other medicines are given. Even if you suffer from blood pressure then also you should not take aspirin in case you suffer from certain clotting disorders, or if you are taking any other medicine.

Side effects of Aspirin

But remember that you should never take aspirin unless your doctor has advised you to take as it may cause bleeding in the gut or stomach lining. You might suffer from vomiting or nausea. Some people also suffer from allergic reactions after taking insulin.

But caution needs to be taken as to the amount of aspirin you take. Don’t take an overdose of it. Just one per day will be sufficient and if you feel slightly better don’t think increasing the amount of aspirin will solve the problem in just a few days. Some doctors recommend aspirin daily for patients who suffer from blood pressure.

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Aspirin lowers blood viscosity and friction, which lowers pressure.

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