Does Chemistry Score Over Compatibility

The Fight Between Chemistry And Compatibility

It is always a fact that although a good chemistry is the first requirement to start a relationship, but to carry on the same in a safer side and for our much longer time, compatibility comes into play. The sustainability of relationship is much more dependent on the factor of compatibility than the matter of chemistry.

The role of compatibility should never be underestimated in comparison to physical chemistry because an intense chemistry may bring a couple closer but it is compatibility that holds them for ever.

Love, relationships and marriage are all surrounded by a common boundary of trust, compatibility and chemistry and the ratio of all the factors contribute to start a relationship and maintain it.

In changing times and evolving ideas the importance of compatibility over chemistry may change for some couples. Chemistry is a strong requirement for a relationship and some think that without good chemistry there is no compatibility between couples. But matters actually go hand in hand for a couple who have seen various colors of life. Happening chemistry and good physical traits may be much appealing to the outer world whereas the degree of self-satisfaction revolves around the pot of compatibility between the same couple.

Imagining a situation in which both partners have a very good chemistry but are never ready to listen to each other, neither are keen to discuss anything with each other be it personal or professional, then they won’t be able to patch up the relationship for a long time. Chemistry can never work wonders if there is no compatibility between couples. Even the love life of a couple with great chemistry fades its colors without a perfect degree of compatibility among them.

It is also a fact that compatible and harmonious couples who share a good chemistry are few. People prefer partners who may be semi-compatible or in rare cases not compatible at all rather than being lonely and alone or lifetime. Some categories of people are contented with their field of work and wait for the time until and unless they get a perfect match suiting them. It absolutely depends on a person to find your different emotions according to his own adapting habits.

In the long run of life closeness of relationship and mutual respect for each other is very important. Maybe when life starts at initial stage, couples might consider the percentage of chemistry as more important in their life to cheer up their relationship but gradually when they pass over different phases of life and get to see varied colors of life they would realize that compatibility is the key factor to sustain the relationship and hold them for a lifetime.

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