Does Ibuprofen Raise Blood Pressure

Does Ibuprofen Causes High Blood Pressure

There are several medicines that become cause of concern due to side effects. But such situation occurs only if there is carelessness in their intake. There is presumption that Ibuprofen raises blood pressure. But one must understand the situation in which such case may happen. This medicine belongs to specific class of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which need to be taken only if prescribed by specialist doctor only.

Out of the many medicines of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs category whose integral part is aspirin, naproxen, indomethacin, nabumetone and et al one must know why Ibuprofen remains in the limelight. As this medicine is best fitted to keep mild to moderate pain, fever and inflammation in control one shouldn’t use it aggressively for timely cure and having least chance of side effect – may be raised blood pressure due to that becomes possible.

Why Ibuprofen?

It is true that Ibuprofen is best option to keep pain, fever and inflammation in control. It helps body to remain free from prostaglandin chemicals and also proves success in blocking enzyme that produces prostaglandins. Advantages of this medicine must be understood and consequences of overdose too are to be kept in mind. You take it to control inflammation, pain and fever but wrong intake creates difficult situation like chance of raised blood pressure can’t be ruled out though.

Prescription Medication:

It is common to get affected by wrong medication. One must therefore understand that Ibuprofen can create worries and you may face high blood pressure due to wrong intake. That is why this medicine should be taken only if prescribed. Taking Ibuprofen through self medication is nothing but inviting worst circumstances. Impact of Ibuprofen is ultimate and so are its features to treat diseases. But how can you ensure Ibuprofen won’t harm you anyway. It will not be harmful if you feel satisfied and understand the need.


There will not be any bad impact of Ibuprofen if it is taken in proper dosage. Medical practitioners advise 3.2 g intake of ibuprofen on daily basis. One can also go with a dose of 1.2 g in this schedule. It should also be noted that if anyone takes this drug for more than 10 days uninterruptedly then worst effects would definitely come. And in some cases one sees that raised blood pressure becomes common symptom. Many suspected or probable interactions are linked with Ibuprofen that can affect a person.

Increased Blood Pressure:

Ibuprofen can increase blood pressure level by keeping kidneys in harassed condition. Level of lithium increases due to wrong intake that creates lithium toxicity and henceforth one faces raised blood pressure. Even blood pressure lowering effects of drug used to control blood pressure gets affected due to wrong usage of Ibuprofen. It is important to know why Ibuprofen causes raised blood pressure rather than it being blamed without knowing concrete reason.

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Name: Steven

I have been using Ibuprofen for many years,and I was never told of the problems it could cause. I now have found that I have seriously high blood pressure and breathlessness, and now I am on drugs to lower it. I am also off the Ibuprofen, and will now seek a natural remedy. Be very careful with this drug

Name: Linda

I have high blood pressure after taking motrin for a prolonged time. My question is....Is it just stopping the med?

Name: Garry Lewis

If one stops using Ibuprofin will they see their blood pressure come down ? or is the damage done?

Name: Dale

I have been taking 400 to 800mg of Ibuprofen for back problems for approximately 11 years or longer. My blood pressure has been high for that long. I also take a BP med and a diuretic and still BP is from 140's to 160's+. Because of the back problems, I cannot walk any more. Can I stop the Ibuprofen immediately, or should I taper off? And will stopping it make a difference in my BP? I also take tramadol 100 mg a day.

Name: Linda

My doctor gave me 800 Ibuprofen to take 3 times a day in between the Norco's I'm trying to get off, but, I am concerned about my kidney's & liver. I have a bad back & ibuprofen really don't kill the pain. What should I do?

Name: jam

In spite of 3 BP meds, I could not get my BP to a lower level. Had no clue the longtime use of ibuprofen WAS the culprit. The D.O. I see for bodywork insisted I get off it and I've been off for a week and my BP reading was in better limits today. I'm using Pain-RX herbal supplement and Arthritis Tylenol for my pain management now and doing OK.

Name: Alba Diaz

I take lasco 50 mgs and bystolic 20mgs daily is one abuptifen 600 miligramos fangerousbto taje together?

Name: Emily Henry

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