Does Smoking Raise Blood Pressure

Do Smoking Have Impact on High Blood Pressure

It may look ironical but this fact is undeniable that smoking doesn’t raise blood pressure permanently though it leaves too much impact on the human body and mind with its temporary affect and the blood pressure raises for some extent when one smokes. Most importantly smoking can though definitely increase the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases which are common nowadays, and people encounter with them every now and then.

Heart health of individuals gets affected too much due to smoking though it may not raise blood pressure permanently. Impact of smoking on high blood pressure can be timely but chain smoking invites respiratory problems which create a situation at which tremendous rise in blood pressure is encountered. This fact too can’t be denied that hardening of arteries starts with regular smoking that finally injures blood vessel walls. Quick hardening because of smoking creates a situation at which one feels extempore rise in blood pressure.

Blood Pressure and Smoking:

There is no direct relation between blood pressure and smoking. But both are linked for some extent and it has some impact on high blood pressure. Smoking is always discouraged, people with symptoms of high blood pressure are especially told to avoid this habit if they are willing best control on this situation. That is why doctors advice them to quite smoking instantly. A non-smoker shouldn’t try it for his betterment – overall fitness – and last but not the least reducing risk of heart attack and keeping high blood pressure in control.

Causal Relation:

It is certain that there is causal relation between smoking and high blood pressure though impact is not high. It is better understood in practicality that smoking contains spurious substances. It is easiest and seeming way to elevate existing blood pressure due to worst impact. As determined giving up of smoking brings drastic fall and lowering of high blood pressure one assumes both are interlinked with each other to maximum extent.

Such causal relationship has still not been authenticated by medical researchers though they are aware of the relation of smoking and risk of cardiovascular ailments out of which most vulnerable are heart stroke or attack and lung cancer. When there will be trauma high blood pressure would automatically overpower one.


Most recently many studies have agreed upon this fact that smoking raises high blood pressure. Their authenticity and universal opinion on that is still not agreed upon but in general they have relation and fact seems true to some extent. Practically this fact is authenticated on various occasions and some experts opine that smoking and high blood pressure do have relation hence affirmations are often agreed upon. Impact of smoking on high blood pressure is timely and nicotine lowers the level of oxygen supply in blood. It is main constraint for raising high blood pressure like carbon monoxide.

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