Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Abuses

Workers taking liquor or drugs in workplaces should be made to understand why this practice is harmful through counselling. Possible reasons are to be found out and best solution can be offered like lessening job stress, occupational and co-worker norms and minimising availability of drugs or alcohol to make workplace non alcoholic zones.

Most worrisome issue today is drug and alcohol abuse in workplaces. This tendency has seen tremendous growth around the world in the recent years which brings nothing but unnecessary problem on professional front though such issues were earlier confined to individual homes only. These growing tendencies have begun due to several known and unknown factors. People’s dismissive attitude and everybody attempting to meet sharp deadlines bring lots of pressures on them and they look for a way out.

Alarming issue of drug and alcohol abuse in workplace is of great cause of concern which must be taken care of the soonest to suppress further damage.

Drastic affect is experienced in performance when drug or alcohol abuse occurs in workplaces. Other typical problems arising due to them are more excess absenteeism cases, accidents, illness and premature deaths etc. Such life threatening issues has become most crucial health and safety matter in workplaces today. Corporate researches also conclude that growth in absenteeism occur solely due to drug or alcohol abuse. Many typical factors are associated with this problem hence solving the issue is not easy though. It requires constant effort and proper counselling. The problem is that there is twofold loss – both employers and employees face the ante.

After Effects: Use of liquor or drug in workplaces creates all mess. Chemical dependent intoxicated employees ultimately become victims of uninvited problems. Ratio of accidents and injuries has grown in which nearly 15 to 30 percent had had drug abuse in their workplace. Such drug and alcohol abusers loose sense and do blunders in their careers.

Preventive Measures: It is not difficult to mobilise workers to avoid workplace drug and alcohol abuse. The need of the hour is strong will power and zeal to take initiative to follow rules strictly. In fact workplaces are wonderful channels from where effective preventive measures are to be started. Remedial strategies and potential solutions can be initiated in workplaces to find an amicable solution of such problems. The ground work must begin from top to bottom after finding the details of all drug abusers in particular workplace.

Workplaces can be transformed into places for community programmes of such kinds meant to transform people’s attitude and behaviours through convincing them that alcohol and drug abuse do lots of harm to them and their respective families.

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