Early Symptoms of Whooping Cough

What are the Symptoms of Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is caused by bacterial infection that affects the respiratory tracts. It is otherwise known as pertussis. It is a contagious disease that is why it is necessary to know the early symptoms of whooping cough to find immediate medication.

Whooping cough is one of the causes of illnesses and mortality among infants and children. Although it is a contagious disease but it can be prevented through vaccination. This disease is very life-threatening because of the complications especially in infants. That is why in order to overcome the devastating whooping cough the government provides vaccination for whooping cough with the combination of diphtheria and tetanus vaccines. The whooping cough is also an airborne disease that is why it can be spread through coughing, sneezing and talking of infected person.

Symptoms of Whooping Cough

  • The early symptoms of whooping cough include dry cough, runny nose as well as low-grade fever. When not given immediate intervention the symptoms might get worse. Persistent coughing might cause cyanosis because of lack of oxygen thus an individual gasps for air.
  • Other symptoms of whooping cough include vomiting and fatigue. This is because in the course of coughing an individual has the tendency to vomit while coughing out thick phlegm. This makes a person exhausted and experience fatigue.
  • When the condition becomes severe the person may experience the paroxysmal symptoms of whooping cough. In this stage the person manifests intense coughing. Likewise, sharp intake of breath is associated with whooping sound. This would make an individual vomit and tired due to the bouts of coughing. Each bout lasts for two minutes but there is a tendency that quick succession would occur.

On the other hand, the symptoms of whooping cough vary between young children and adults. However, both young and adult may experience gasping and temporary stop of breathing when coughing attacks. It is important to take immediate action to treat the symptoms of the disease before complications worsen the condition. Keep in mind that this disease is fatal especially for infants.

Once you notice those symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor in order to make tests to diagnose the condition. Physical examination is conducted to assess the condition. A test of mucus and chest X-ray is recommended to confirm the condition. Once diagnosed with the disease the doctor will prescribed medications.

Therefore, in order to prevent from being afflicted with whooping cough it is necessary to obtain pertussis vaccination especially for infants. The vaccination will protect you from the bacteria. In like manner, the symptoms can be prevented by observing proper hygiene and improving the immune system. You can find information on preventing the symptoms by browsing at . When in public places, you should cover your nose and mouth when coughing to prevent the spread of the bacteria.

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