Epidemiology of Hypertension

Epidemiology and the Prevention of Hypertension

Epidemiology of hypertension owing to its wider complications has continued to remain one of the most widely researched topics, since the effects and outcomes are to be seen on the majority of the general people. So studies of hypertension are a must. Over the years this has been a major field of research.

By and large, cardiovascular diseases are said to be one of the major causes of high mortality rates in the most of the advanced countries today. More and more researches are coming to the fore which suggests that this epidemiology may continue for over a longer period of time if proper steps are not taken to control the same. With the help of epidemiological studies with regard to hypertension it becomes easier to find out the possible ways in how to overcome the situation, and also the way ahead.

Importance of Hypertension Studies

The studies will help to garner the basic view points; of what possible are the reasons- the factors and the causes for the increase in high blood pressure among the majority of the population. It will also help to bring to the forefront how high blood pressure is playing a major role in various complications in the cardiovascular system, since it affects so many. Such studies make it easier for the researchers to gather the information as to the effect of hypertension on the general people and how it can be treated and prevented on a wider scale.

High blood pressure is said to be a silent killer just like the intake of tobacco. Those who are hypertensive tend to run the risk of suffering from heart attacks on a greater level than others. Studies in this field have been taking since long and the researchers have been taking these studies rather seriously so as to come to a conclusion.

Factors which Play a role in Hypertension

The epidemiology of hypertension includes the study of not just hypertension but also blood pressure, hypertension in general population, environmental conditions, nutrition, genetics all have a major role to play and hence are given importance equally. Since no one reason can be called as the reason for hypertension so all the factors in general are taken into account. The most important aspect is to let the people know whether they are hypertensive or not, since most of the people are even not aware of the symptoms of hypertension. Age along with gender too plays a major role in determining hyper tension and hence both these factors too are given prime importance in the epidemiology. Studies reveal that men are likely to be more hypertensive than women, and also this problem is more acute in industrialised countries than others.

The higher the blood pressure the greater are the risks of developing coronary diseases, kidney disorders, diabetes. Treatment at the appropriate time is a must in this regard.

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