Exercises for Elbow Pain

What Are The Exercises For Elbow Pain

Elbow pain comes with severe pain and provides high degree of discomfort to the affected individual. This is a result of excessive injury to your elbow. Just in case you will experience this, you have to know the applicable exercises for elbow pain to minimize the discomfort that you will possibly experience.

The exercise for elbow pain is commonly executed during the rehabilitation phase after you had a tennis elbow. This means that when there is still intense pain, these exercises must be stopped or you must delay its execution.

Extension of Wrist

The first exercise that you can do is wrist extension. In doing this, you have to secure, for example, a vegetable can or, in some cases, one pound of any circular vegetable. Before doing the exercise, you have to rest your arm on a table. Then, you should have your wrist hang at the table's edge. You will know if you have the correct position when you notice that your hand is able to move. Then ensure that your palm is facing downward. The lower part of your wrist must be slowly raised. This exercise can be repeated for about 15 or 20 tines. Yet, if there is pain that is present, decrease the weight of the medium that you used into a lighter one.

Flexion of the Wrist

The next exercise that you can do is wrist flexion. This exercise features resting of forearm at the top of the table. Also, you have to position your wrist over the table's edge and ensuring that your hands can freely move. Your palm must be facing upward. When you are already properly positioned, you must now raise as well as lower down your wrist. Same as wrist extension, you can repeat this exercise for about 15 to 20 times. Discontinue the exercise when there is so much pain felt.

Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercise is also applicable during the rehabilitation from elbow pain. In this kind of exercise, you have to hold your affected arm in straight position on your front. When settled with this position, you have to turn your hand now downwards and create a fist. After you have made a fist, you bend it in an upward motion. What you need to do to your other hand is to use it in pushing down your fist. You have to remain in this momentum for at least 10 seconds. If you are able to resist the force, repeat the exercise up to 20 more times.

Extension of Finger

Finger extension is also a nice exercise for you. In here, you need to put rubber band surrounding your five fingers of the elbow that has experienced pain. Once you have already put the rubber band, you should spread as well as contract your fingers in at least 25 times. This exercise actually works for the rest of the muscles found in your elbow. If you are already at ease with one rubber band, increase it to two.

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