Exercises for Hiatal Hernia

Best Exercise for Hiatal Hernia

In order to lessen the discomfort and to avoid progress of hiatal hernia, proper selection of exercises must be done. To learn more about this, it is best for you to scan this article since it discusses exercises for hiatal hernia.

Before you do some activities, you have to be aware first of that kind of activity that will be good for your hiatal hernia. This is due to the fact that there are some exercises that are intended in order to lessen the effects of this body part’s alteration.

What is Hiatal Hernia?

Before you learn more about the exercise fitted for hiatal hernia, you have to be aware first of the background of the condition. Hiatal hernia is a case when there is protrusion or also called as herniation of the stomach's upper part to your thorax. This is due to anatomical problems like diaphragm weakness. There are three main types of this disease. The first one which is called as sliding hiatus hernia where the junction of the gastroesophageal part of your body is moving above your diaphragm with the portion of your stomach. The next type is rolling hiatus hernia. In this condition, the herniation of your stomach parts happens with the involvement of the so called esophageal hiatus. The next type is the combination of the first and the second type. There are two main exercises intended for people with this condition and these are:

  • Pelvic Thrust
  • Diaphragm Exercise

Causes of Hiatal Hernia

There are risk factors that you must learn that will predispose an individual to this disease. First and foremost, those activities that will cause increase in the abdominal pressure will likely to suffer hiatal hernia. Example of this is bending, lifting, violent vomiting, sneezing, obesity and straining. Hiatal hernia is also caused by weakness of your diaphragm, stress, use of drugs, smoking and heredity.

Pelvic Thrust

The first exercise intended for hiatal hernia is the pelvic thrust. This is usually intended to provide stomach strength when mild hiatal hernia is present. To do this, you have to lie on the floor like you are about to do sit ups. Next is to lift your buttocks leaving your feet on the floor. Lower your back again assuming the initial position that you did. You can repeat this for about ten times. However, you can do this exercise more than ten times daily.

Diaphragm Exercise

The next one is diaphragm exercise. This exercise is intended to sooth the hiatal pain that a patient with this condition may experience. Apart from that, this is also intended in order to increase the strength of your diaphragm muscles. In doing this exercise, you have to utilize balloons. You have to blow for example ten balloons in just one sitting. If you can blow these balloons properly, you can do the blowing of ten balloons twice daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. You will not just strengthen your diaphragm muscles here but you are also able to strengthen your lungs as well as chest.

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Name: Nadia

Hello,excellent excercices.two years ago I was diagnosed with the hiatal hernia,I would like to do daily exercises without of damaging the hernia. Do you know where I can get information about this... Thank you very much Nadia.

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