Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Causes and Exercises

Shoulder pain is a common ailment nowadays. There could be various causes of shoulder pain that may require treatment or special exercises for relief and pain mitigation.

The shoulder is one of the most important organs of the body as it is quite flexible and its rotator motion enables the arm to move in various directions.

Causes of Shoulder Pain:

In most cases, shoulder pain occurs on account of injuries sustained during play or exercise. This is especially true in case of athletes and children. Sometimes kinds can develop a strain during baseball. Also, sportspersons who are into javelin throwing or shot putt can develop shoulder pains. At home, lifting up a heavy article could lead to straining the shoulder and causing pain.

Pain is always an indicator that not all is well with the body. It is a sign of discomfort and acuteness of the pain indicates a greater problem. If one has great pain, consulting a physician is always a good idea. A good doctor would prescribe medicines and maybe an X-ray to make a proper diagnosis. If the tendon is torn the pain would be much greater and require immediate medical help. In other cases there is discomfort while moving the arm of trying to lift objects above the shoulder level.

In many cases simple set of exercise would suffice. In any case these exercises should be done after enough rest is given to the infected muscles of the body.

Here are some of the Shoulder Pain Exercises:

  • Shoulder Roll: This exercise involves shrugging the shoulders up and back so that it squeezes and exercise the shoulder blade. Do this for a few times initially and more lately.
  • Wall push ups: Place yourself in front of the wall. Then move your arms to place it on the wall. Move your body slowly towards the wall and then return back to the original position. Repeat this motion for a few times.
  • Cane exercise: you can take a cane or a stick in your hands and raise it above your head. Then you can use the part of the arm which is okay to push the other side of the arm to exercise the shoulder muscle.
  • Massage: Massaging the shoulder joint gently is quite helpful as it increases the flow of blood to the region and eases pain. Muscles get toned and healthy if they are massaged, preferably with some oil or balm which brings relief and comfort. Sometimes, using heat treatment could also help as it increases the flow of blood to the affected area.
  • Plyometric Exercises: these are specific exercises that are akin to games which involve the shoulder blade. These involve using of certain weight balls so as to strengthen the shoulder muscles and relieve the pain.

The shoulder region is extremely important as it supports the head and also contains the rotator muscles on which the arms rotate. One must be careful to take good care of the shoulder so as to ensure and maintain overall good health. Carelessness and neglect in maintaining the shoulder can prove to be disastrous indeed.

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