Exercises for TMJ Pain

Best TMJ Pain Exercises

If you want to get rid of TMJ, you will have to perform certain exercises to alleviate the pain. Make sure that you perform the exercises properly. You have to do it everyday for about two weeks for best results.

People tend to feel a lot of symptoms when they are suffering from TMJ. Pain is the most common complaint but there are times when it is accompanied by swelling and inflammation. You will need to consult a medical professional if you want to get accurate diagnosis. When you try to open your mouth, you will usually hear pops and clicks. The symptoms are also associated with neck pain, toothache, migraines, headaches, facial pain, and ear/eye problems. It would really help if you know a bit of neurology so that you can better understand the disorder.

Some Exercises to Try

There are different TMJ exercises that you can follow if you want to alleviate pain and swelling. You can try these exercises:

  • Jaw deviation correction – when you have TMJ, it’s typical for the jaw to deviate to the sides. Take a look at a mirror and see which side your jaw is deviating. Slowly open and close your mouth. Try opening your mouth properly and straightly. Do this slowly since the bad side has weak muscle. Do 3 sets with ten counts each.
  • Jaw opening correction – this is also known as stretching. Open and close your mouth slowly. Try to open to the right side, then to the left. You can repeat these movements carefully until you feel the muscles relax.

What You Should Do

TMJ exercises may be able to help fix the disorder. The exercises can strengthen and relax the jaw muscles. You can do it overnight and so you will have to stick to the exercises for about two weeks. When the jaw joints are in the right position, you can avoid misplacement. Your tongue is strong and so you can perform simple tongue exercises. You can also perform throat exercises, as well as shoulder/neck exercises. In order for the muscles to get enough oxygen, you have to ensure that they function properly.

The exercises will not work for everyone especially on patients with extreme conditions. This will not work in one day and you have to be patient. The only way for the exercises to work is to do it regularly. If you are not doing anything, you can do the exercises. Whether you’re at home or in the office, you can perform these exercises. It is important that you learn the step by step instructions so that you will not aggravate the condition. You can perform the exercises even if you’re not feeling any pain. This will give you a chance to stretch the muscles fully.

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