Exercises for Vertigo Relief

Proper Exercises for Vertigo Relief

Vertigo is the result of dizziness and postural imbalance. An individual can experience sudden symptoms of the condition but usually returns to normal. Performing exercises for vertigo relief can ease the symptoms.

Vertigo makes a person feels like the surrounding is moving and is out of control. This condition in a sense is dangerous because it can affect the vision and the sensory nerves that are responsible in giving direction to the brain about the movement. Likewise, damage in the inner ear is the common effect of vertigo that is why it is difficult to detect the movements and gravity. In case of frequent attack of vertigo, an individual should perform exercises that can relieve vertigo.

Simple Exercises and Activities

  • Stabilizing gaze – This exercise would help in enhancing the ability to fix an object while in having head movements. This is done by shifting the head left or right while attempting to focus on the object. Increasing the pace of head movements can help in stabilizing gaze. This gaze activity may also vary such as switching up and down movements of the head.
  • Brandt-Daroff maneuver – start the exercise sitting up straight and slowly lie on your side. Your head should be angled halfway toward the ceiling. Turning your body in the opposite side while repeating the maneuver. If you want to obtain the best results you should perform the maneuver at least three times daily.
  • Reposition exercise – While doing the reposition exercise you should sit on the edge of the bed. Turn head 45 degrees to the left and lie down on the right side. Make sure that the back of the head is touching the bed. Keep in the position for 30 seconds and resume slowly on upright position. Continue the exercise in alternating position within six repetitions.
  • Ball movement – This exercise requires the help of your friend or therapist. Pass the ball with your friend while walking around. It is quite challenging but it can help relieve vertigo.

On the other hand, doing the exercise is not enough because you also need to take any treatment for vertigo. You can consider using alternative medicines such as eating citrus fruits, dates and poppy seeds. Nevertheless, once you feel the symptoms you need to take rest immediately to avoid the condition from worsening. People who suffer vertigo frequently should learn to adjust their movements.

Keep in mind that the severity of vertigo can be reduced when given immediate intervention. Whatever intervention you may employ you should ensure that it would alleviate the condition. Always consult your doctor as soon as you notice that the condition attacks frequently. In this way, you can prevent further attack of the condition that would affect your life and work.

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