Eye Cornea Problems

Diseases Caused in Cornea

There are number of diseases caused in cornea which can be serious if left untreated. These include abrasions, Ocular Herpes, Keratitis. There might be redness in the eye or watery eyes sometimes this may occur due to contact lens. So it is essential to get treated for eye cornea problems.

The thin and transparent membrane in the eye which has the function of covering the front portion of the eye is called the cornea. It is dome shaped. A number of disorders might occur in the cornea.

Abrasion in the Eyes

Some of these might be minor ones like infection or abrasion while others might turn out to be quite serious as well which might even require surgery. If you are in the habit of sleeping after wearing contact lenses then you are likely to suffer from abrasion that is the reason why it is strongly recommended that you should not wear contact lenses at the time of sleeping.

It might also occur due to a scratch in the eye caused by your fingernail or if any foreign particle enters your eye. If abrasion occurs the result is constant itching in the eye followed by inflammation and sometimes swelling also. If proper check up is not done at the right time then you might even suffer from corneal injury which would be demanding surgery or else it might lead to impaired vision.

Sometimes the corneal disorders might even cause redness in the eye, watery eyes; there might be pain in the eyes. Sometimes your vision too might be affected; the end result of all this is that there might be difficulty in seeing and light might not be able to enter properly in your eyes.

Problem of Keratitis

It is yet another corneal disorder. It is inflammation of the eye which is said to occur due to infection caused by bacteria, or any other viruses. If you suffer from Keratitis then you might be suffering from blurred vision, tearing and redness. In some of the cases you might even get discharge from the eyes. Antibiotics are mostly given if this is the case.

Ocular Herpes is another serious problem which might affect the cornea and the eye in totality. It is basically a viral infection and is known to be caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus.

If this problem occurs then you might get sores in the cornea and sometimes the problem can be aggravated so much that it might affect your entire eye. The bad news is that there is no cure for the diseases but the doctors basically resort to antiviral drugs.

Sometimes glaucoma can also occur if proper care of the eyes is not done. The worst thing is blindness. So it is highly recommended that you need to consult your doctor even if slight irritation occurs in your eyes or else it could turn out to be serious.

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