Fistula Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic Fistula Treatment

Ayurveda and fistula treatment has been gaining world recognition in the past few years. Anal fistula is considered to be a deadly disease which causes immense pain to the patient. Fistula ayurvedic treatment employs various therapies and drugs with the help of which patient is cured. Some therapies include Kshar Sutra, the Enema therapy.

The external opening of the anus is called as the rectum and it is considered to be one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Sometimes infection occurs in this area due to which yellow liquid is formed in the area which is very deadly. Most of the times, anal fistula is known to reoccur even after the surgeries, hence you need to be very cautious with regard to the same.

Ayurveda and Fistula Treatment

Ayurveda is known for curing fistula, it employs various techniques and therapies to cure the patient of the disease. In Ayurveda, the name given to anal fistula is Bhagandara. Basically there are different types of treatment which are resorted in the treatment of different kinds of fistulas. One of the most important therapies which is used for curing fistula is Kshar Sutra.

This therapy is helping in treating fistula from inside the body and the patient doesn’t suffer from any of the complications and pain as well. In this therapy, tissues have to be cut which then take some time to heal. It may take some time for the patient to recover properly. A number of drugs are given to the patient like Apamarg Kshar, Kadali Kshar, Nimb Kshar, Snuhi Ksheer, Papaiya Ksheer.

The healing may start from internal tissues and then moves on to the upper tissues which may take some time. Thus it is a bit slow process on the whole. These days, Kshar Sutra is being recognised on a global scale to treat this disease. The good thing about this surgery is that the patient can carry on with the regular routine work and there is no need for him to be admitted in the hospital.

Enema Therapy in Fistula Treatment

Yet another therapy is the Enema therapy which is also sometimes employed in the treatment. Hot bath is also given to the patient suffering from the same. This therapy is applied in the lower parts of the body. Apart from this, some other fomentation is also advised.

The patient is constantly monitored to see whether he suffers from some other disease like hypertension, diabetes, TB etc.

Yet another way in which fistula is treated is Agnikarma. In this method, hot iron or caustic agent is used to destroy the tissues.

The prime reason for the increase of anorectal disease is the uneven lifestyle which most of the people in the present day world are leading, where fast foods and oily foods are eaten a lot.

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Name: syed hasan

sir, my brother 44yrs old with diabeteic and suffering with sivior fistula problem. several times surgically treated still he has maximum pain and suffering with yellow bleeding. he is not able to sit, stand and even sleep aslo and moreover he is suffering with abnormal leg pains and with constipition problem. sir we are living in MADANAPALLE TOWN CHITTOOR DISTRICT. it is not able to travel him. sir we are in maximum tention regarding his serious condition of pain and yellow bleeding. please suggest what to do?

Name: Mike Gi

Is this treatment, Kshar Sutra, available in the U.S.A.

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