Food for Acne Skin

What Are The Foods For Acne Skin

Acne is considered as one of the major problems that most teenagers may encounter. There are several factors that can cause for the skin to have acnes like stress, overloaded kidneys and liver, as well as nutritional deficiencies. However, having a proper diet can address this problem. It means combining various types of food that can treat acne is ideal to have a blemish free and clean skin.

Understanding Acne

  • What is Acne?

    Acne is a typical skin disorder, distinguished by skin inflammations and blemishes in form of whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. This skin disorder could manifest especially in the face but may also in chest, shoulders and the back. Even though, there are wide arrays of acne causes, it is usually due to imbalance in the hormone. One of the common causes of these blemishes is due to the accumulation of waste in the body. A problem in the kidney or liver can cause acne especially if they cannot eliminate the toxins effectively. Another cause is the environment pollution that we encounter everyday.

  • How to Control Oily Skin?

    Poor diet can surely cause you to develop acne. If your diet is full of sugary, fried, hydrogenated oils, fatty dairy products and red meats, you will surely not attain the porcelain-like skin. So eliminating or minimizing these foods can surely offer you best results. Included in the foods that can trigger this condition are wheat germ, citrus, eggs, soda, seafood, cheese, butter, alcohol, chocolate and coffee. According to, what the body needs to avoid acne are nutrients for appropriate renewal and function as well as water and fiber for cleansing.
    In addition a diet for a skin prone to acne must always add vitamin A, a strong antioxidant for the skin; B-complex to adjust stress level and enhance the circulation to the skin surface; Vitamin C to help the immune system and avoid inflammation. Vitamin E helps on repairing and healing the skin. These essential nutrients can be obtained from nuts, whole grains, fiber rich vegetables and fruits. Zinc is also ideal one to eliminate acne, which is typically found in mushrooms, soy, beans and lima.

  • Healthy Diet for Acne Prone Skin

    Moreover, a healing diet intended for acne is by drinking at least 8 glasses of clean water each day and eating cleansing fresh fruits like pineapple, papaya and apple. It would be helpful to drink green tea, which can help our body to eliminate the toxins and impurities effectively. As much as possible, eat salad much in green leafy vegetables because it contains fiber and purifying chlorophyll. These foods will surely help us on how we can achieve a healthy and radiant skin.

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