Food for Erectile Dysfunction

Best Food for Erectile Dysfunction Treating

Treating erectile dysfunction is necessary since it could be a source of great embarrassment as well as loss of sexual life for the men who suffer from the same. There are a number of foods for erectile dysfunction which are available in nature which if you eat will help you get cured. These include watermelon, acai berries, coconut water.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem and is most likely to occur in men above 65 years of age, though it can happen in much younger men as well. However it is said to be case of much embarrassment and frustration when you are not able to meet your partners desire. Your sex life and ultimately your relationship seems to be affected by this problem. It affects a large number of men.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It happens when the blood flow to the penis gets reduced and sometimes nerve damage is also responsible for the same. Some other factors responsible for the same might be excessive smoking, neurological disorders, diabetes and hormonal disorder. However, today there are various drugs and medicines which are available in the market which can help you overcome this problem with ease.

There are various foods which the mother nature has provided to us and these foods are said to be quite beneficial in removing the problem of erectile dysfunction. If you eat these foods on a regular basis chances are that your problem will be resolved even without going to the doctor.


There are have been a number of researches which have shown that due to the presence of citrulline content in watermelon it is known to cure the disease. It helps in the easy flow of blood to the penis. Basically it is the rind of the watermelon which is said to be full of nutrients and hence very effective.

Coconut Water

It is said to be quite effective in treating erectile dysfunction. It is due to the presence of a large number of electrolytes in the body which gives energy to the body. It keeps your heart healthy and this in turn helps in overcoming the dysfunction.

Zinc foods- foods which are rich in zinc also need to be taken to get cured of the disease.

Gingko- it is a herb which has been found to be quite helpful in curing the erectile dysfunction. It not only relaxes the muscles but has also been found to be effective in easy flow of blood to the penis.

Fatty fish- these are quite rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Fatty fish is said to be quite beneficial for the healthy heart, and is also known as a immune booster and thus, it helps in curing erectile dysfunction.
Acai berries- these are helpful in treating erectile dysfunction as well as in increasing the libido levels.

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