Food for Low Blood Pressure

What Foods to Eat in Low Blood Pressure

Foods for low blood pressure are considered to be an integral part of the medication plan if they are combined with proper exercising and self discipline. Understanding what foods to eat in low blood pressure will help a lot in controlling blood pressure; it is important as it may prove to be fatal in the long run.

Food that you eat is considered to be a major contributing factor in controlling your low blood pressure. There are a number of food items which you need to avoid in order to control BP while other foods should be taken in more quantities. The basic cause of low blood pressure is malnutrition. So you need to eat a proper balanced diet which includes vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C are extremely important. Pantothenic acid is said to be very much beneficial in the treatment of low blood pressure.

Foods to Eat in Low Blood Pressure

Changes in diet are said to be an important aspect of treating low blood pressure. You need to include more and more vegetables in your diet since they contain no cholesterol. Try to include them in your everyday food or else take them in salads or juices. The high fibre content in the vegetables helps to lower down the fat in the body. This in turn helps to reduce the deposition of fat in the arteries. Fruits are also rich in vitamins. Fruits help in fighting low blood pressure and thus must be included in the diet. Try to eat as many fruits as possible.

Instead of eating three times a day, the best way is to eat low carbohydrates diet many times a day. This will go a long way in the preventing low blood pressure. Salt is said to be quite essential in the low blood pressure, so take salty foods and also include half a teaspoon salt in your water daily. This will bring your blood pressure to normal level. However, if you don’t like to add too much salt in your food then you can opt for natural soy sauce or add dry soup mixes which are loaded with sodium to your food and salad dressings.

Foods to Avoid

You need to be cautious in the intake of fatty foods or junk foods. Try to eat fish and lean meat instead of the red meat. Try to reduce the intake of cheese, butter and ghee to the bare minimum. Drink more and more of water but at the same time reduce alcohol intake as it is a dehydrating agent and may lower the blood pressure even more. Try to restrict caffeine also, it is better if you consult your doctor as to know the amount of caffeine which you may take daily.

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