Foods Causing Uric Acid

What are the Uric Acid Causing Foods

If you have gout or any other arthritic condition, you will need to avoid the foods that contain purines. You can consult your doctor about it so that you can eat a healthier diet. High uric acid level is not good and you must control it.

There is currently no scientific proof that foods contain uric acid but there are foods that contain purines. In the body, the purines from food and body cells are processed and the byproduct is called uric acid. It is not good for the body to have high levels of uric acid and so there is a need to identify the foods that contain purines so that you can stay away from them. Generally, this includes seafood and meat, legumes, and those that contain yeasts. You can consult your doctor if you think that you have high uric acid in the bloodstream. Only a medical professional can educate you on the foods to avoid.

Foods with Purine

When a person is having a gout attack, there is a need to avoid foods like anchovies, asparagus, herring, broth, bouillon, red meats, organ meats, roasted nuts, fried foods, sugar-rich foods, dark-green veggies, fish, dried fruits, beans, eggs, lentils, peas, oatmeal, and yeast products. You also have to avoid alcoholic drinks and those that have caffeine. The blood vessels need uric acid because it is an antioxidant. It only becomes harmful when there is buildup because it will lead to gout, an arthritic condition.

What to Avoid?

The body produces uric acid but when you eat trigger foods like corn, eggs, milk, and night-shade veggies, you may experience gout symptoms. Did you know that foods that are high in proteins also have purines? Because of this, you have to avoid the following:

  • Poultry and meat
  • Shellfish and fish
  • Legumes and beans
  • Alcohol

These groups of foods will only make your health condition worse. There is nothing wrong in eating these foods since you can also get proteins. However, there is a need to limit the consumption especially if the doctor has already examined the uric acid level in your body.

It can be very problematic to have high uric acid in the blood because it causes inflammation. You should limit the consumption of poultry and meat products to about 4oz to 5oz a day. In the case of shellfish and fish, you may still eat salmon because it has high omega-3 fatty acids. You may still eat legumes and beans but it should only be in moderation. It is important that you eliminate alcohol intake because this can also trigger gout. As you can see, there are many foods that contain high purines and so you will have to watch your diet closely. That way, you can prevent gout attacks.

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