Foods That Cause Gas and Bloating

Foods Responsible for Creating Gassy or Bloating

We enjoy eating all types of foods but once they go inside the body we feel the uncomfortable bloating or gassy feeling that create annoying situation for us. That is why food experts advise people to avoid foods that may create problem in the body. There are many drugs available that treat bloating or gassy condition occurring due to food. Select good quality over-the-counter relieving medicines if facing this situation.

List of food items that cause bloating or gas is endless. It can be from any types of food. Some vegetables may cause bloating. These situations occur when you eat raw or cooked vegetable of particular type. Interestingly vegetables causing bloating to one individual may not cause any wrong to others. Individual perceptions matter the most and digestive capacity of people play vital role. Common vegetables are broccoli, beans and Brussels sprouts etc.

Same is the case with milk products. As cheese and yogurt have natural sugar the level of lactose found in them causes bloating and gas when individuals eat them. Lactose may create irritable bowel syndrome too. Breads and cookies are not left behind in the race for causing gas and bloating. As wheat is used in preparing bread, muffins, cakes, waffles and cookies there is ample chance of them causing gas and bloating in people eating them.

Prominent Food Categories

No doubt above mentioned foods are tastier but they are capable to cause gas or bloating in those eating them. It is the main reason that people take precautionary step and avoid wheat-based foods from usual diet. Usually potatoes, noodles, rice and corns are commonest to create gassy and bloating situations. Gaseous symptom one faces is too much worrying. Some fruits like sorbitol which contains abundant sugar, can cause bloating or gas. Other fruits of this category are prunes, apples and pears.

Other Foods

You can’t ignore honey from the list of gassy and bloating causers though it is always good for health. It can cause irritable bowel syndrome to few people. Same is the case with cereals that cause gas and bloating. Peas and cereals are common food items. Besides these mentioned above many other soluble and insoluble categories of foods from fiber and normal categories cause gas and bloating. But it doesn’t mean that one should cease eating a particular food item. Take food that suits your need and fits your digestive system.

Bloating and Gas

Though not part of severe disease but most of us must have experienced uncomfortable situations in life due to gas or bloating that can be caused due to unsuitable certain foods. Lower abdomen feels physical distention due to bloating, so is gas that occurs in both small and large intestines and get released through the anus. Wrong food intake can cause both gas and bloating formation.

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