Foods That Cause High Cholesterol

Foods Rich in Cholesterol

One needs to avoid food that can cause high cholesterol levels. If we consume foods rich in cholesterol naturally our cholesterol level will rise. So be cautious of what you eat. As it may lead to various health complications which may even prove to be fatal in the long run.

Cholesterol in its normal level is said to be quite essential for the body but the complications arise when it becomes extremely high as it can lead to various health problems including heart attack. It is said that basically it is the food that we eat are primarily responsible for the increase in cholesterol level. This way it becomes quite imperative to keep a check on what we eat.

One important fact to be taken into account is that if the food tastes good then surely it must be high in cholesterol level, since it is for sure that it must be oily. Be it macaroni, cheese, ice cream they are good in taste and also high in cholesterol level as well.

Why the Saturated Food is Unhealthy

Basically the saturated fats in the food are responsible for leading to a rise in bad cholesterol level and thereby heart attack also becomes an important risk factor. It is very much necessary to stay away from saturated foods in your diet, the more you ignore such diet the better it is for you from the health point of view.

Coconut oil though is cholesterol free but it is said to be highly saturated and hence not worth making a part of your everyday diet, since it will enable the liver to produce more and more of bad cholesterol.
Foods Rich in Cholesterol

In order to know which foods are high in cholesterol level, it must be noted that all the dairy products including meat, eggs, poultry, fish are said to be quite high in cholesterol level. Along with these even the processed and prepared foods too are said to be quite rich in cholesterol.

There have been some of the misconceptions with regard to the food that we eat. People have believed that those foods which have the label of ‘cholesterol free’ will not cause high cholesterol level. But this is not the truth since all those foods which are said to be high in fat especially in the saturated fats will be said to be high in cholesterol level also. So you need to consume fewer amounts of fats.

Butter is said to be high in cholesterol and so you need to avoid food prepared with the seasoned butter. Fried foods, Mayonnaise too need to be restricted due to the same reasons. Red meat is also a big no-no, so you need to eat more of chicken rather than red meat. Also avoid whole cheese and whole poultry as this too may lead to a rise in cholesterol level.

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